Winter Essentials

Winters are meant for sight seeing and exploration!
When I was in college, I used to be fascinated by Rishi Kapoor. The reason may seem very stupid to you. I used to like his collection of sweaters. later on when I grew up, I learnt that he had the largest collection of sweaters among all the celebrities that time.
I have a thing for striped sweaters
I am fond of sweaters. I don't know whether my childhood favourite hero has something to do with it or its my love for winters. I am actually not made for the summers. I sweat like a pig and simply can't tolerate the mercury rising. There are so many things which can be done in winters: go on a picnic, hike, sun bathe, sight see etc etc. Thankfully I reside in Delhi where if nine months are scalding hot, the rest three months are so called that you need a good winter wardrobe. I hardly have time to shop but when its shopping for winter wear, I am game.
 Here I round up few of my favourite winter styles which every guy should have in their wardrobe:

Every guy needs a leather jacket. Every single guy. Not only for warmth but for style. There is nothing more macho than a guy in leather jacket speeding a bike. You can own one in multiple colours but a must have is the Black Leather jacket. Find this here.
This is undoubtedly my most favourite look of all time. The crispness of the white shirt coupled with this teal sweater is the perfect look for the boardroom. Find this here.
A button down cardigan looks dapper yet macho. The colour combo red, white and black is apt both for a formal setting as well as for casual days. Find this here.
When you are freezing in cold, you need more than just style. The fur trimming on the neck is trendy yet warm. The grey colour will camouflage you with the surroundings. Find this here.

Last but not the least, a hoodie/ sweatshirt is the coolest warm clothing. Wear it for running errands, jogging or just lazying around the house. PS The hero never dies! Find this here.


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