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Book Review: Timeless Tales from Panchtantra and Hitopdesh

  Our children need to learn and imbibe the rich culture of our Indian heritage and roots and books are the best and easiest way to do so. Hitopdesha and Panchatantra bring up wordly wisdom, political affairs and maxims in the most entertaining and simple way for children. 'Hitopdesha' meaning beneficial advice is a compilation of fables having human and animal characters, originally in Sanskrit. These fables have been written by Narayan Pandit. 'Panchatantra' meaning Five treatises is also originally a Sanskrit text, widely translated in a variety of languages. Authored by Vishnu Sharma, these fables have mainly animal characters. I recently got these two books by Diamond Publications for my kids. These two books are an absolute delight! They are hardbound with colourful pictures in every page. The pages are of high quality and so is the printing. Each book contains 16 stories in English. My kids love the attractive illustration and its simple language. The Hitopdesh c