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Do you know the benefits of Palm Oil?

2019 is here and we all are committed to a healthier lifestyle and a better world. Aren't we? So why not switch to things that sustain both the economy and the environment more? One of my resolutions this year is to opt for natural things. Something which is non biodegradable won't make the cut in my lifestyle. Secondly, we all should stand up for small scale industries. We should do everything and anything that supports the farmers of developing nations. In that way (even if slowly and gradually) we can expect a (sort of) equilibrium in this world. 2019 started pretty promising. The first event that I attended seemed to resonate with my New Year Resolutions. I was invited to be a part of the Palm Oil Gourmet Delights Event, organized by Malayasian Palm Oil Council. It promised to be an informative as well as an entertaining afternoon, and the event turned out way more fun filled than that! Dr Bhavna Shah, country representative of MPOC India/Srilanka opened our eyes a

Home Sweet home to Smart and safe home

A boy was born free, but as soon as he started growing up, he became shackled in chains. Does this resonate with anyone? I mean we guys try to postpone 'adulting' as long as we can just because of this....'responsibility'. We may flirt and refrain from commitment as long as we can but as soon as we take the plunge of marriage or start a family ( even more serious task) we are forced to change over a new leaf and embrace our guardianship role to the fullest. I was the youngest in my family till I decided to get married. First I was bestowed with taking care of my much younger wife and then after 3 years, I actually realized the pain of parenting...the constant worrying about the safety of my loved ones. We had to hire a nanny for some time as we both were working before my wife decided to quit working full time and stay at home. That was a brief, yet one of our toughest phases of parenting. We were new parents, my in-laws were out of town (the usual care takers