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FEW HIGHLIGHTS OF POORANA QUILA Ø   It is the oldest fort among all forts in  Delhi and,  the oldest known structure of any type in Delhi Ø   It's located at the site of the legendary city of  Indraprastha , that was founded by  PANDAV  on the banks of perennial river  Yamuna , Ø   It was rebuilt by the Afghan king  SHER SHAH SURI , Ø  The Fort was supposed to be unlucky for rulers who occupied the site; Humayun, Sher Shah Suri, and Hemu all had but relatively brief tenures ensconced there. Ø   HUMAYUN  died following an accidental fall within the fort complex at Sher Mandal Ø   HEMU’S rajyabhishek  ( coronation ) as  Samrat  was held at  Purana Qila  in Delhi. Ø   After being killed in battle of panipath , HEMU’S body was placed in a  gibbet  outside  Purana Quila  in Delhi to terrorize the native Indians (Turk-Afghans and Hindus) by the mughals (Akbar and Bairam khan) MONUMENTS IN PURANA QUILA Ø   Qila-i-Kuhna Mosque Ø   Sher Mandal Ø   Kairul