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Gone are the days when we used to say we are a so and so family. These days its all about brands! Yes we are a dash brand of family (read electronics brand). Similarly, my family is an Airtel family! Mine and my wife's smartphone network, our broadband connection and our DTH conection...all belong to Airtel! Having said that, its a bit of a task to manage all these connections. But Airtel has come up with an excellent solution for this... My Airtel App ! This app is a one stop solution for all your needs! Firstly downloading the App is very simple. Go to the Google play store and bam! right now its available only for Android. The IOS version is coming soon. Then the App starts enticing you with loads of offers. The most exciting part? The tempting offer changes every time you shake your phone! How cool is that? You have offers that is tailor made to suit your needs and demands. Although I loved the App from top to bottom, here are three things that I liked the most: 1. I ca

Household chores for a man

I have been brought up like a typical Indian man. I had been pampered to the hilt during my childhood and teens. I never knew what washing clothes were or how to fill a glass of water. And then the expected happened. I left for my medical college at the age of sixteen and a half. I emerged out of my safety cocoon into the big bad hostel life. But thankfully my college, King George Medical college had the best of food and other services. I never had to wash my clothes or wander in search of good food! But life took a turn when I entered matrimony. Fortunately or unfortunately, I got married to an obsessive girl. Our first six months of marriage were nothing less than an array of fireworks. I, an eternally laid back person took vows to spend my life with a cleanliness and organization freak! I never found the need to keep anything back at its own place or clean up my mess. For me the messier my home, the cozier it is. But my wife did not quite accept my ideology. Hence the clash of

Ek Nayi League

How many times in your life have you followed your heart? Well for an emotional person like me, my heart seems to make all my decisions. Be it marrying the girl I fell in love with or spending loads of money for exploring lesser known destinations, I take all the decisions by my heart. Sometimes its a loss though. Our heart is way less shrewd than our brain and I am many times on the losing side of things because of my emotions. Sometimes in real life one should take decisions with their brain. Be it office and career or even family matters, if you want to win, you should use your brains. Agreeing with my attitude is none other than the cricket legend Kapil Dev himself. He is launching Ek Nayi League where you desperately need to use you brains! The former Indian cricket team captain, ace bowler and the first World Cup winning captain is definitely up for something. After what it seems like ages, the cricket legend Kapil Dev joined Twitter.And he has joined with a bang! He is starti

Indiblogger Meet: Launch of the ASUS Zenfone2

Soon after the Kose meet, the generous Indiblogger people surprised us with the biggest blogger meet in the history of Indimeets. It was the launch of the zenfone2 with 500 seats! Not only that, the venue was none other than the spectacular Kingdom Of Dreams! The sad part? It was a Thursday afternoon. Thursdays mean hectic OPD in my hospital. Still I got myself registered nonetheless. After all I neither wanted to miss the awesome Zenfone launch nor the splendid Kingdom of Dream! Moreover the Indiblogger people announced that it was going to be a star studded affair with Saif Ali Khan, singer Aditi Singh Sharma and celebrity photograher Daboo Ratnani. I was in no mood to miss it. But till that very morning I did not know whether I would be able to make it or not. Unfortunately it took the entire first half for me to wrap up my hospital chores. So I could reach the venue (which is very far) at around 3pm! I had missed all the performances and celebrity dose but thankfully I sa


I am a stingy person and I love saving money! I am always trying to dig out discounts and getting anything at a lower price than expected thrills me to the core! Today's fad is all about discount coupon sites thank goodness. I can find a variety of good deals all around the web. But one cannot rely on all of them. Recently Mandira of DocDivTraveller referred an awesome website to me... 27 . Its an awesome discount website and I am too happy to have found it! The tempting home page of 27 This site has all the online biggie stores lined up for discounts. Just name a giant store and bam you get a discount coupon here! From Amazon to Jabong to Ebay to Flipkart, it has all! The plethora of websites on 27 Similarly You have a lot of categories, Be it travel ones like Make my trip , Clear trip to ola cabs to Naaptol and men's clothing, you got it all! Endless categories on this wonderful site!  The site is very easy to navigat