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I am a stingy person and I love saving money! I am always trying to dig out discounts and getting anything at a lower price than expected thrills me to the core! Today's fad is all about discount coupon sites thank goodness. I can find a variety of good deals all around the web. But one cannot rely on all of them. Recently Mandira of DocDivTraveller referred an awesome website to me...27 coupons.com. Its an awesome discount website and I am too happy to have found it!

The tempting home page of 27 coupons.com

This site has all the online biggie stores lined up for discounts. Just name a giant store and bam you get a discount coupon here! From Amazon to Jabong to Ebay to Flipkart, it has all!

The plethora of websites on 27 coupons.com

Similarly You have a lot of categories, Be it travel ones like Make my trip, Clear trip to ola cabs to Naaptol and men's clothing, you got it all!

Endless categories on this wonderful site!
 The site is very easy to navigate. Everything is displayed very nicely and clearly. There are various coupons and offers so you are always for a bargain when you shop!

Being a hard core traveller, I am constantly looking for hotels and airfares at discounted prices. With 27 coupons offering irresistible deals on Make my trip.com, it was a no surprise that I ended up booking flights and a hotel! You get awesome discounts on domestic flights as well as hotel bookings are irresistible! Cheers to 27 coupons, I gifted myself an impromptu trip!

The make my trip page has the most lucrative deals for a travel enthusiast like me!

I am looking forward to more deals in the future! This is just the beginning of a never ending bond between me and 27 coupons!


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