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Book Review: Timeless Tales from Panchtantra and Hitopdesh

  Our children need to learn and imbibe the rich culture of our Indian heritage and roots and books are the best and easiest way to do so. Hitopdesha and Panchatantra bring up wordly wisdom, political affairs and maxims in the most entertaining and simple way for children. 'Hitopdesha' meaning beneficial advice is a compilation of fables having human and animal characters, originally in Sanskrit. These fables have been written by Narayan Pandit. 'Panchatantra' meaning Five treatises is also originally a Sanskrit text, widely translated in a variety of languages. Authored by Vishnu Sharma, these fables have mainly animal characters. I recently got these two books by Diamond Publications for my kids. These two books are an absolute delight! They are hardbound with colourful pictures in every page. The pages are of high quality and so is the printing. Each book contains 16 stories in English. My kids love the attractive illustration and its simple language. The Hitopdesh c

Book Review: Little me in everyone by Eddyee Siingh

Title: Little Me in Everyone Author: Eddyee Siingh Pages: 265 Genre: Non fiction, Motivational We all need motivation in life. What we feel and learn after reading a book by the learned and wise clears our head. But that's not enough for a happy living. What I want to say is that we humans need a constant push to do well, stay motivated and have a clearer headspace. If you have read the Bhagwadgita and its various adaptations, then it's great but that should not be the end of reading. One has to read motivational and inspirational books regularly and this book fulfils that role very nicely.  The last 14 months have been challenging for the entire mankind. As days are getting tougher day by day, we need positivity and gratitude on a daily basis. One thing that I have started believing in recently is 'manifestation'. That's why this book rang a bell with me. If you are the one with self doubt, you really need to stop doubting and start believing in yourself and most i

Book Review: Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands

 Title: Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands Author: Sanjay Desai Genre: Motivation, Self Help Number of pages: 134 Do you believe in Law of Attraction or Manifestation as some say? I got drawn to this book as I have developed interest in designing my own life; which can be called manifestation. I never believed in it until I actually saw people around me deriving great benefits. I am a very practical and scientific and methodical person by nature (a surgeon after all which means no place for imagination). However there are some things which are beyond explanation. I really liked the fact that the author Sanjay Desai hails from a practical background as well; hence I decided to give this book a read and found it enlightening. About the author: Sanjay Desai is a Chartered Accountant, an ex banker and an IIM alumnus. He combined spirituality with his material pursuits to achieve immense success in his career; something which we all yearn for. The book has three parts. The prologue and epilog

Book Review: Finding your way by Drake Taylor

 Title: Finding your Way Author: Drake Taylor Genre: Self help, Motivation Rating: 5/5 2020 has been hard on everyone. It has taken real courage and patience to deal with the adversities. For some, the negatives have been way too much; resulting in depression or even worse; self harm. Although I am not a person to fall victim to such things, but the past 10 months have really been trying; to say the least. This is when I found to this book to start 2021 on a fresh note. The author has done an incredible jo in helping us all. It's a quick read and we all should go through it because it's such a great motivational book. Following are the main takeaways that I noted and would help you too. Life is not all magic as television and books. It's more like a horror movie that we feel is not real Sometimes the hardest thing isn't to begin the journey, but to accept why you must begin the journey. You have to accept the responsibility. You will not change your life or rid yourself