Book Review: Little me in everyone by Eddyee Siingh

Title: Little Me in Everyone

Author: Eddyee Siingh

Pages: 265

Genre: Non fiction, Motivational

We all need motivation in life. What we feel and learn after reading a book by the learned and wise clears our head. But that's not enough for a happy living. What I want to say is that we humans need a constant push to do well, stay motivated and have a clearer headspace. If you have read the Bhagwadgita and its various adaptations, then it's great but that should not be the end of reading. One has to read motivational and inspirational books regularly and this book fulfils that role very nicely. 

The last 14 months have been challenging for the entire mankind. As days are getting tougher day by day, we need positivity and gratitude on a daily basis. One thing that I have started believing in recently is 'manifestation'. That's why this book rang a bell with me. If you are the one with self doubt, you really need to stop doubting and start believing in yourself and most importantly, grab this book.

The author believes that we all have a 'Little Me' in me and every human is born with a genius. A slightest amount of self doubt destroys a part of that Little me and a spark of magic is lost. Hence we should always believe in ourselves. We all have the capability to design the life we dream of. Dreams are the stepping stones to success. We should always keep on dreaming big things; no matter how distant they seem to be.

He teaches us that everyone has the power within to create the life we want, the life we dream about , the life we were born to live. Each of us deserves to explore our full potential and manifest our true destiny. The author explains everything through a common man Vikas, who strives to design the life of his dreams against all odds.

Each chapter concludes with some extremely valuable words in the form of quotes; which according to me is the best part of this book. 

'If you want the world to change for the better, the greatest contribution you can make right now is to become the change you wish to see'  One of my favourite lines from this book.

Also remember, 'When we hit our lowest point, we are ready for our greatest Avatar.'

You are definitely going to gain a lot from this book. Totally recommend.


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