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Book Review: Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands

 Title: Jasmine Builds on Shifting Sands Author: Sanjay Desai Genre: Motivation, Self Help Number of pages: 134 Do you believe in Law of Attraction or Manifestation as some say? I got drawn to this book as I have developed interest in designing my own life; which can be called manifestation. I never believed in it until I actually saw people around me deriving great benefits. I am a very practical and scientific and methodical person by nature (a surgeon after all which means no place for imagination). However there are some things which are beyond explanation. I really liked the fact that the author Sanjay Desai hails from a practical background as well; hence I decided to give this book a read and found it enlightening. About the author: Sanjay Desai is a Chartered Accountant, an ex banker and an IIM alumnus. He combined spirituality with his material pursuits to achieve immense success in his career; something which we all yearn for. The book has three parts. The prologue and epilog