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Holiday Gifting with

The Holiday season is here! Belated Happy Christmas everyone! How was yours? Mine was pretty merry. I celebrated the day with the most beloved person of my elder sister. With Christmas just gone and New year coming, its festivities galore! Beautiful Candle Stand from Like everyone, I love the holiday season. Who does not? But with the celebrations comes   a lot of responsibilities. I mean gifts! I love gifting but ransacking   my brain every year to get something special for my loved ones is one uphill task. After years of mall hoping and a tired week of shopping, this year I wanted to do it from the comfort of my home. Yes, I decided to buy gifts online! I was scouring the internet for gifting sites when I stumbled across India’s largest online gift store: Indian Gifts . I was pretty impressed with the site. It has all kinds of gifts for all kinds of occasions and age group and relations! I mean half of the job is already done! Be it your g

Places to vist during winters in India

So I professed my love for winters in the previous post. For me, hill stations are for winters. Strange, right? I mean the entire country flocks to the Himalayas during summer vacations to escape the heat. But for me, I prefer to enjoy the hills during winters. The crowd is less and the weather is superb! Also I get to wear a lot of winter wear! Here I round up six of my favourite places in India (North specifically) to visit in the winters! Dalhousie : The only reason I visited Dalhousie in January is for the snow blanket. Who needs to visit Europe when our own country has paradises like this?  Its important to wear a smart yet warm jacket like this. You can find many mens jackets online. Ladakh : This place is the harshest, coldest and the least populated during winters. However the beauty during this time is unmatched! The hotels are the cheapest, you can get very friendly with the locals and you can finally connect with yourself as you can't be hoo

Hello Winters!

  Winters are my favourite time of the year. The colder, the better. I simply can’t tolerate heat. That is strange my friends say as Delhi has 10 months of summers; so I am usually miserable for maximum period of the year. Sometimes I feel that I was born in the wrong part of the world. I belong to the region of polar bears. You can throw me to the most extreme of weather and I would still survive! lol Jokes apart my favourite season has arrived. But with winter season comes a myriad of seasonal ailments. Every year, thousands of people die due to cold wave. Colds can get nasty and turn into pneumonia if not taken care on time. Ailments like asthma and other other respiratory diseases get aggravated. So do the musculoskeletal disorders (my field). Its important to protect yourself from the cold.  Guys particularly need to take care as they feel that winter wear for men is boring and against being macho. However its not true. With so many options in mens winter wear

Marriages are made in heaven

  Marriages are made in heaven. Really? Well one thing I know. Indian weddings are definitely something heavenly. Its not called ''The Big Fat Indian Wedding'' without any reason. Indian weddings are grand in every way...the decor, the trousseau, food, gifts etc etc. Getting married is a difficult task indeed. First its the willingness to commit and then all the hoopla around shopping. Phew! As times are changing, so are people's expectations. Things have become grander and getting ready more difficult. Looking back into my own wedding almost six years back, I feel lucky that I got married that time. I was not an overtly conscious person when it came to dressing up. My fiancee was more concerned than me. It was her who chose all the wedding essentials for me. I neither had the time nor energy to do buy wedding accessories. Now that I have attended so many weddings, and with so many wedding dresses online , wedding shopping has sort of become easier.. So here I

Mr Brown opens in Indirapuram!

  I guess the name and brand is pretty familiar with all foodies. All the cakes and pastry lovers must be relying on Mr Brown for satiating their sweet tooth. Even if you are not a foodie, then too you must be relying on Mr Brown for your daily dose of breads. croissants and cookies. They are a staple in a household..ain't they? For the uninitiated, Mr Brown is a household name for gourmet bakery products: breads, cookies, cakes and pastries. The brand which originated in Lucknow has spread its wings in different parts of UP. After a successful run in Kaushambi. one more branch has opened in NCR and the residents of Indirapuram are in for a sweet treat. The latest store of Mr Brown opened in Saya Zenith, Indirapuram opposite to Shipra Sun City. The good news is that not only the Indirapuram residents but the residents of Noida sector 62 and 63 are in for a sweet treat too!   When I reached the store, I was indecisive as to what all to order. After half and hour of br

A day in my life in Joggers and T-shirt

Just because I travel so much, most of the people who don't know me feel that my life is easy. But what they don't understand is that in order to arrange money for travelling, I work freaking hard. I can't even take off on Sundays. However I can wear comfortable casuals on weekends thankfully. Recently I came across and really liked their wide range of casuals. I chose a cool pair of denim jeans and a cobalt blue T-shirt . The T shirt spoke my mind: Gotta Move On! Usually my Sundays start very early...I know I don't have the privilege to sleep in. I play cricket and am part of the Delhi Medical Association cricket team. Our matches are held every Sunday, at seven in the morning. So this Sunday too I left at six in the morning to play. After my cricket match, I had to take rounds in my hospital. That took around 3 hours and got free at 5 in the evening. But that was not all. I, being the official Orthopedician of the Delhi Dynamos Team in the Ind