Mr Brown opens in Indirapuram!

I guess the name and brand is pretty familiar with all foodies. All the cakes and pastry lovers must be relying on Mr Brown for satiating their sweet tooth. Even if you are not a foodie, then too you must be relying on Mr Brown for your daily dose of breads. croissants and cookies. They are a staple in a household..ain't they?

For the uninitiated, Mr Brown is a household name for gourmet bakery products: breads, cookies, cakes and pastries. The brand which originated in Lucknow has spread its wings in different parts of UP. After a successful run in Kaushambi. one more branch has opened in NCR and the residents of Indirapuram are in for a sweet treat. The latest store of Mr Brown opened in Saya Zenith, Indirapuram opposite to Shipra Sun City. The good news is that not only the Indirapuram residents but the residents of Noida sector 62 and 63 are in for a sweet treat too!
When I reached the store, I was indecisive as to what all to order. After half and hour of browsing, I went for the Red Velvet pastry (of course), fresh fruit pastry,  Mexican pizza and a spinach roll. To quench my thirst, I ordered a pineapple shake.
The Red velvet cake was velvety smooth, The fresh fruit pastry was fresh as a daisy. The cherry, kiwi fruit and the grape felt like it had just been plucked and put in the morning. There was no artificial sweetness on the fruits. It was heavenly.

I had stopped having pizza here in India after returning from Italy. But this pizza slice proved to be delicious. I however loved the Spinach roll more.It was delightfully flavoured with sponge soft bread.
I also got to taste the almond flakes cookie. It was a delight in itself. It was n flour and was fully made of almond flakes dipped in honey. A baker's brain child!

The pineapple shake was nice but a tad too sweet for my taste. The staff is very sweet and friendly; just like their products.
What I liked most is that they have very strict policies regarding quality control. The products are absolutely fresh and they throw away the leftovers. The impeccable quality is obvious in every piece.

The cakes are a piece of art in themselves. If you want a cake of any design or any flavour, the baker will create it for you! I had a very sweet Sunday!


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