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Strengthening roots, strengthening bonds

Relationships are complicated. Whether its between siblings or with parents, its always jinxed. But beautiful nonetheless. There are so many things that strengthen bonds: whether its shelling peas with your mom or bullying your elder sister for completing your holiday home work. Its all those moments spent with your near ones that are cherished throughout life. I mean kids move out of their parental homes. Siblings move apart because of job or marriages in different homes or unluckier, different cities. But distances never seem to be the driving away factor. In fact the more distant your loved one is, the nearer you are to him/her because of the constant reminder of their love. If you are a regular reader of my blog or if you even know me well, you must be acquainted with the fact how close my elder sister is. I mean she is more than my mother to me. She has spent more time with me than I had spent with my mother. Since my mom was working, I was predominantly taken care by my

18+ Cafe, Sector 41, Noida

I have been a foodie throughout my life. Whether its home cooked food or a sumptuous meal at a happening cafe, I am game for all. That is why food blogging is my favourite hobby! However I have been eating out too much lately. I mean all my three meals are being eaten out! Gosh I need to put a break or I need to work out! This Sunday I had a cricket match in the morning and then a Restaurant review in the afternoon and again a dinner party at night. The restaurant review was in Sector 41, Noida. The 18+ Cafe is a newly opened happening place on the main Dadri Road, sector 41, Noida. It did not take much time to spot this place. Its adjacent to other nice restaurants like Theo. The interiors are quirky and nicely done. The lower floor has a bar and a Hookah section. The upper floor is for dining. The entire place is nicely decorated. Since I am a non drinker and non smoker, I started with mocktails. Green Apple Rush: Sweet and refreshing. At 135 + taxes, it was not a bad deal

Serein: The Malabar Hill of Thane

  We all dream of that perfect place. A place which we can come back to our loved ones, a place in which we can rest after a long day at work, a place which we can call home. However a home does not mean that it can crop up anywhere. I mean not in the midst of a jungle or in the middle of nowhere. It needs to be near the amenities, near the city. And one such perfect location for homes is Serein in Thane. The refreshing Upvan Lake Every   person dreams of putting up in Mumbai. I mean who does not? And if its in the posh location of Thane, it’s a cherry on top. Recently Thane has been included in the list of smart cities. The way the Malabar Hills is an excellent location in South Mumbai, the Serein in Thane is very similar to the Malabar Hills of Mumbai. Its blessed in the midst of nature with Upvan Lake, Sanjay Gandhi National Park and open spaces all around. It is an outstanding project by Tata Housing which has wellness as its primary theme. Its located on the Pokhran

Wedding Dresses

For an occasion as special as wedding, it is very important to dress for the occasion. A girl waits for her entire life to get married. She dreams for her wedding right from the time she learns playing with dolls. She dreams for the perfect wedding dress for the occasion. And when the D Day arrives, she is stressed about finding her perfect dress. But fret not, I have found the best website which has the most beautiful dresses related to wedding. Bridesmaid dresses, wedding dresses, flower girl dresses and also prom dresses and evening gowns. Not only the designs are out of the world but the prices are very affordable too. Who said that you can’t find an exquisite dressing dress at an affordable price? Millibridal UK is the answer. I chose a few wedding dresses UK which would be perfect for your D day. Long, flowy, lacy, classy and elegant. Everyone would be mesmerized on seeing such a beautiful attire. Three quarter sleeves for a traditional bride. Find this here

Yoga Crunch Herbal Bar

I have two absolutely different lives. One is performing surgeries at my hospital and the complete different side is attending product launches and venting my heart out through my blog. Since healthcare is 90% of my life, I am constantly bombarded with questions related to health in rest of my 10% time. Some of them are patients, some are family members and friends and the rest are fellow bloggers. One of the questions that has been doing the rounds for quite a while is how to snack healthy? With our super busy lifestyles, its very difficult to resist junk food. In the midst of meetings or running errands back to back, its imperative to munch on a packet of chips or order a plate of instant noodles. After all we do need calories to keep ourselves ticking. But what we forget is that we are doing long term damages to our body in turn. Increase in cholesterol levels, blood glucose levels as well as lethargy which in turn gives birth to a bunch of lifestyle disorders. There has to