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Book Review: The Cloudburst by Rajesh Naiksatam

Title: The Cloudburst Author: Rajesh Naiksatam Pages: 178 About the author: I really tend to read the preface, prologue and about the author before I start the book. I truly believe that the author's background/nature has a lot to do with how the story shapes up. Either the story is a spin off from one of the incidents in the author's life or the etching of characters largely depends on his ability to observe people in his real life. In this case, the author Rajesh Naiksatam suffered a serious injury from a javenile throw in his childhood. Although he was lucky that it wasn't a grievous injury as it was misguided, but it left him a half inch deep hip wound. This incident made him courageous enough to face every challenge in life. The book: The protagonist Ganpu is a courageous kid who is ready to fight every challenge. As the title suggests, this story is about a natural calamity. Mumbai rains are notorious and can cause havoc in daily lives. This s


SCHIPHOL AIRPORT TO AMSTERDAM How to reach to the city center from Airport is always a big question while travelling. By far car/taxi is the easiest and most convenient form. But it’s costly, if you are travelling solo or as a couple. There is no harm to save few bugs but yes, comfort is always a priority. Public transport in Amsterdam is very convenient, fast and comfortable.   Shciphol is world’s 14 th largest airport situated 22 Km south of Amsterdam city center. It’s well connected to the city center and nearby places by bus train and taxi. By taxi : The maximum start price of taxi car is near about 2.83 euro, with travel rate of 2.08 euro per km and travel time cost 0.34 euro per minute. So expect a cost between 45 Euros to 60 Euros from shciphol airport to the city center, depending on your location. You can need taxi especially at late night, when the trams stop functioning. The taxi stand is located just outside of airport arrival hal