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Book Review: The Art and Science of Real Wealth by Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu

Title:  The Art and Science of Real Wealth Author: Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu Genre: Finance, Non fiction Pages: 103 This is my second book by  Bollachettira Dhyan Appachu after his 'Arya Dharma'. This is about finance with some really eye opening advice. I think of investing money from time to time and I feel almost everyone does the same so this is a must read for all. To start with do you know the difference between an investor and speculator? To become good in speculation, one has to overcome 4 things: ignorance, fear, hope, greed. e only way to conquer fear, hope and greed is by the sincere and sustained practice  of Dhyan to achieve Samathvam. Speculation is a continuous learning process. It's both an art and science. Even after 26 years the writer is not perfect. He has seen downfall till the recent past until early 2018.  He figured if even a world class speculator like Jesse Livermore did break his rules and make mistakes, he also have made th

Summers with Cherry Crumble California

This summer vacation we couldn't go out but that didn't deter us from celebrating! We set up various picnic and party areas in our balcony from time to time and dressed up nicely. On the ocassion of  Father's Day, I gifted my princess ' Plush Dress ' (a chambray dress) from Cherry Crumble California.. Not only it's pure cotton and perfectly apt for this heat, but it's 10/10 on style with the yellow tassels and the appliqued flowers. She loved it! Why do I and my kid love Cherry Crumble California ? This brand truly represents the cool, laid back So Cal vibe. Their products and materials are of topmost quality and their designs are simply amazing. From beautiful appliques to tassels, to beadwork to pockets, each piece is unique. The apparel for boys is dapper and for girls they are pretty. Every single outfit is smart and uber cool.  A plush dress is a chic summer dress! It features floral embroidery with extra soft, plush felt applique.

LEGO Nature Glamping Set Review

It maybe a little while till we are able to resume our normal lives and play with our kids in the park. The children have been the worst to suffer; it's their age to explore the world but they have been confined indoors for the past 4 months. Entertaining kids have been a challenge for all the parents. We are a No/Minimal screen parents so we are constantly trying to entertain our toddler with things that involve creativity. Of course LEGO sets are her favourite. Her latest set is the Nature Glamping Set. It's a super cute set with everything you can think of during glamorous camping or 'GLAMPING'. Encourage kids’ zest for the outdoors with this LEGO® Friends Nature Glamping  toy camping set. There are loads of features to keep kids playing for hours. Let them imagine cycling through the woods with LEGO Friends Olivia and Mia mini-dolls. Or they can play with the toy squirrel or pretend to stargaze with a telescope. Camping in style This is no back-to-basics campi