LEGO Nature Glamping Set Review

It maybe a little while till we are able to resume our normal lives and play with our kids in the park. The children have been the worst to suffer; it's their age to explore the world but they have been confined indoors for the past 4 months. Entertaining kids have been a challenge for all the parents. We are a No/Minimal screen parents so we are constantly trying to entertain our toddler with things that involve creativity. Of course LEGO sets are her favourite. Her latest set is the Nature Glamping Set. It's a super cute set with everything you can think of during glamorous camping or 'GLAMPING'.
Encourage kids’ zest for the outdoors with this LEGO® Friends Nature Glamping  toy camping set. There are loads of features to keep kids playing for hours. Let them imagine cycling through the woods with LEGO Friends Olivia and Mia mini-dolls. Or they can play with the toy squirrel or pretend to stargaze with a telescope. Camping in style This is no back-to-basics camping toy. In the LEGO tent are beds and even a smartphone so the girls can send pics back to Heartlake City. Kids will love pitching the mini-doll tent with its pretty soft plastic roof, then decorating the camp with a garland of lights. And once the toy camp is set up, they can imagine relaxing in the hot tub. 

 It’s not just the camping in this nature gift for kids that's state-of-the-art, but the instructions too! Download the LEGO Life app to access Instructions Plus so your kid can watch their toy camp take shape in rotate, zoom and ‘ghost' modes. It's building for the digital age!
Help your child develop a love of the outdoors with this cute LEGO® Friends Glamping toy for nature-lovers. They’ll have hours of fun pretending to make camp, explore nature and relax with their friends.
This pretend camping toy includes a LEGO® tent with a soft plastic roof, 2 mini-dolls, a toy squirrel, a pretend campfire, a telescope and even a hot tub – everything a kid needs for an immersive play camp experience.
Kids will love building the tent, with its tactile, soft plastic roof, and making it cozy by laying out the beds and dressing table. Wheeling the mini-dolls around on the LEGO® bicycle adds a dynamic aspect to play.
With 241 pieces, Nature Glamping  makes a fun birthday gift, holiday gift or a surprise toy for kids aged 6+ with a little building skill. Make a nature lover's day with an impromptu treat of this camping toy.
Measuring over 3” (9cm) high and 5” (15cm) wide, the tent makes a neat desk display. Kids can further brighten up their room by separating the toy tree and fire or by customizing them using bricks from other LEGO® sets.
No batteries are needed to power this pretend camping toy. The lights twinkle thanks to clear, colored plastic bricks – and children’s imaginations!

Is your little builder ready for an awesome play experience? You can also download the LEGO Life app and help them use Instructions PLUS to see their camping toy in zoom, rotate and ‘ghost' modes. It's building for the digital age!

My little one spends hour playing with Olivia and Mia and their tiny pet squirrel running errands in the forest.

How have you been handling this lockdown? Are you a no screen or pro screen parent?


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