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The world almost stood still the past two months. While everyone stayed at homes and worked from within, my job didn't permit so. Yes I am a frontline worker (a medical professional) who had to go to the hospital during the entire lockdown time. I was double stressed: Catching the infection myself as well as silently passing on to my two little kids or my elderly parents. I have been seeing and hearing people cursing this quarantined life but they don't understand it's a privilege to be able to stay within the safe confines of home and work and earn.

The only respite in this period has been TikTok. Yes, I am now a total TikTok convert. 
If there's anything that got a boost during this Corona pandemic, it has to be TikTok. This app has seen billions of downloads and users in the past couple of months. And why not? It's like a breath of fresh air. After I come back from the hospital and undergo a rigorous sanitation regime to ward off any kind of germs, I sit with my phone and watch videos on TikTok. That's something I look forward to every evening. From watching my favourite cricketers dance with their kids to my favourite actresses whipping up delicious recipes, tuning to their videos brings so much joy to my otherwise stressful life. I never knew that people (particularly celebs)  could be so creative!

Who doesn't like a sneak peek of celeb life? It is this interest that has made celebs such a rage on social media. The facet which we see them on the screen is totally opposite of what they might be in real life. Eg Pran was a gentleman contrary to his on screen thug image. While a heroine may be portraying a sultry avatar, you may be floored by her organisational skills in real life. I have found TikTok to be an ideal platform to peek into my favorite celeb's lives. 
If you have been following my blog for long, then it must be familiar that I am cricketer. Well a bowler to be precise and hence my favorite list of celebs to follow on TikTok hail from cricket. 
This Corona lockdown has thrown off everyone from our daily routines. Cricket matches have been abandoned indefinitely and so have been movie shoots. So the celebrities have resorted to TikTok to keep their creative fire glowing. They have been sharing so much of their lives online that their 'Real life has actually become their Reel life'. Here are a few celebs whom I love following on TikTok

1.David Warner (davidwarner31): This former Australian vice captain is really a respite from daily life. His recent dance numbers on Tamil songs are hilarious! His wife is a perfect partner in his shenanigans and so are his kids. 

2. Shilpa Shetty: She has been my favourite actress as far as I can remember. Her videos are hilarious! Also she is fitness goals and major motivation for all. Her bio says 'Swasth Raho, Mast Raho' How cool! Her videos give glimpses of her home, family and life.

3. Ed Sheeran: One of my favourite singers from the West. Right now his feed is full of #BeautifulPeople . Firstly the song is lovely. Secondly the videos associated with the song are really thoughtful.
4. Jessica Alba: Again she is my favourite Hollywood actress. She shares glimpses of her family, make up and fashion (which I show my wife) and of course humour. It's so fun to see the non glamorous sides of these stars.

5. Will Smith: He is my real hero. He has a huge following on this platform which proves how popular he is. He aces the Wipe challenge. Also seeing his son, daughters and wife take part actively is so much fun!

Do you like seeing the real lives of celebrities? Who all do you follow on TikTok?


  1. I have been following these stars on Insta as well and they have such amazing videos. Especially Shilpa Shetty, she is super fun.

  2. Yes, Mostly I am following above celebrities on Tik Tok and I really enjoy watching David Warner videos. I love watching Shilpa Shetty too.

  3. It is such a touching post. I just loved the way you described things

  4. I am not on tiktok niw but have seen Shilpa Shetty's videos on tiktok..too good

  5. Tiktok is breaking the internet! Also, I love watching shilpa shetty videos too. I will look at others as well.

  6. I love Shilpa Shetty's content. Her yoga sessions are worth attending. Tiktok has some great learning resources.

  7. I prefer Shilpa shetty's as it's more relatable.

  8. Not on Tik Tok or any Chinese app for that matter ... Good to see that you are following so many celebrities on the platform.

  9. Manisha - Have been checking Kartik Aryan and Shilpa Shetty on Tiktok their videos are fun.

  10. I have been enjoying some good fun vidoes too of shilpa shetty n David Warner. Also have been seen a lot of BTS fans on tiktok going all gaga over these boys.

  11. I have seen few videos on tiktok, don't follow anyone as such but I like shilpa shetty videos.

    - Ujjwal Mishra mywordsmywisdom


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