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Beach Vacation Essentials

It's a no secret how much beach lovers me and my partner are. We narrow down a destination only when it has sufficient picturesque sea beaches. We love basking in the sun. Although we belong to the land of eternal Sunshine India, a little preparation for a sunny getaway never hurts. This year I don't know when we would be able to travel to an exotic destination. But one thing s for sure. We would definitely go somewhere near the water. And for that, I have been preparing a wish list as to what all to pack for our next beach vacay. There are so many sites that sell what you want. However getting the best deal is tough.I had been searching for the best bang for my buck when I stumbled across This website provides you almost every possible product under the sun and at very competitive prices! So look no more, start shopping now! Here are the things that I am going to order.                             Apart from the typical swimwear, flip flops, su


I am married for the past six and half years. And yes, I had a love marriage. Love is true sense. I am from Varanasi whose studies have been in Lucknow. While I married a Bengali girl who is a total Delhiite. We did not fight the society although. Our parents readily agreed to our alliance. She is my first love. And last. But I had never planned to weave my life like this. When I was in medical college, I was dead serious about my studies. No girls for me. Its not that my parents had forbidden me to do so, it was a self imposed rule. So I was totally into those thick books with occasional dollops of cricket. However there was a girl with whom I was very good friends with. In King George Medical College, where I did my MBBS, its a joke that 90% girls are pretty; 10% are from KGMC. So you can understand how 'hot' my female batchmates were. Now just around our university, there were lots of general colleges which had really happening girls. Fortunately, tho

A monochrome Spring

I now handover this blog to bonafide fashionista Docdivatraveller to throw some light on spring trends! Hola girls! Spring/Summer is here. Its time for a fresh wardrobe revamp. What comes to your mind when you think of spring? I bet its bright colours and florals. However if you have watched the movie 'The Devil wears Prada' then you must have been moved by Miranda Priestly's famous words: Florals for spring, how groundbreaking! Now that is some food for thought. Why go with the crowd with florals? Why not create some statement with a different style altogether? Its hard to find 'groundbreaking' trends during spring in the stores. As everyone is selling bright colours and florals. Thankfully I bumped across FashionMia where I found some really interesting designs and colours. By something out of the box I don't mean dark /jewel tones or some gothic prints. Florals are still welcome but with a twist. Like black flowers. Its still floral but not pink or

Spring is Here!

Get ready for another fashion post! I now handover my blog to the bonafide fashionista Docdivatraveller. Its party season! With the advent of party season rises the needs for evening dresses, cocktail dresses prom dresses etc. However spring is synonymous with something else. With the arrival of the blooming season comes the most awaited parties of the year: prom nights! Every girl dreams of their prom nights in the perfect prom dress of their dreams. However the period before the prom night is really stressful...both for the girl as well as her parents. Finding the perfect prom dress is actually a nightmare. There are so many types, so many designs to choose from. So many silhouettes and so many colours to choose from. Also the prom dress which may be of your dreams, may not fit your budget! All this leads to chaos and tension in the family. In order to find one of the perfect prom dresses online in the right budget, I had been hunting the web non stop. And voila! I

My Next Vacation

The financial year just ended and soon summer break will begin. Not that I am a kid anymore so as to I am going to have summer vacations. But for the past few years this period has been quite crucial in our lives (me and my partner's) Because this is the time when we would usually take our year awaited exotic vacation. This year too we had been planning for a much awaited destination but not anymore. Its a bitter sweet situation actually. We don't have the money for the vacation as we have invested in something thousand times fruitful in our lives. Anyways its always tough to let go off plans. So I have been telling myself and my better half to derive happiness from the little pleasures of life. IPL Season is already here. For a cricket buff like me  its a win win. Firstly I get to watch the matches live (remember I have been the official doctor of Delhi Daredevils for the past two seasons?) For the rest of the matches, I am glued to the television set whenever I am