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6 Degrees - Game of Blogs Book Review

To start with I am an avid book lover but not a voracious reader. I know that sounds contradictory but my life does not permit me to sink with a book often. So when I get something to read, I devour it instantly! Last year a lot of hoopla was created in the game of blogs conducted by Blogadda. So when their labour of love hit the stands, I could not wait to grab it! I went to seventh heaven when I got this book and immediately wanted to review it! 6 Degrees, game of Blogs is not just any ordinary book. It is a collaborative work of thirty bloggers. Yes you heard it right. All the participants were divided into ten teams having ten bloggers in each team. All the bloggers were given five characters with a description. Each team had to weave a story revolving around those characters. The top three stories have been published in this book game of Blogs. Hence 6 degrees is a compendium of three absolutely different story lines, with the same set of characters. Isn&