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Global Handwashing Week in Kidzania

Healthy lifestyle starts with clean hands. This is a phrase we must have heard probably thousands of times right from our childhood. And why not? Cleanliness starts with baby steps and washing hands is the foremost step. As children, this is the first thing that we are taught and as adults, we should train our kids for the same. Last week celebrated this basic habit was celebrated at Kidzania with full vigour as it was Global Handwashing Week. We as adults, tend to forget the basic good habits but its our duty to inculcate the best in our children. We should wash our hands before and after every activity. And if it requires cooking or eating, then hands should be washed all the more diligently. Germs spread the most from touching contaminated surfaces and hence its important to get rid of germs every time you touch the handrail or pick up the phone or open the door. Global Handwashing Week was particularly celebrated and followed with full effect in Kidzania, Delhi NCR.

Here's to a cleaner Delhi, Greener Diwali

I love my Delhi. I have been residing here for the past decade and love it to bits. I feel that Delhi has every potential to become a world city. Where else in India would you find such broad roads, beautiful architecture, oodles of heritage clubbed with the best educational institutes, medical facilities and job opportunities? I feel that Delhi is one of the finest examples of a perfect amalgamation of technology and history. But do we Delhiites deserve this beautiful city? What have we done till now for our city? We dump garbage everywhere, chop down trees, destroy farms and construct buildings there and do nothing positive for the environment. How long is this going to last? We are digging up our graves eventually. And with Diwali just around the corner, our city is at a greater threat. Its all over the news now that sale of crackers are banned in Delhi NCR. And why not! Delhi is amongst the most polluted cities in the world! But what's ironical is that there is no

RIP Dear Laptop

The moment you choose a girl to marry, a more beautiful prospect comes your way; the moment you buy a gadget, a better one at a lower price gets launched! Its sad but absolutely true! I don't want to sound like an MCP (and neither I am) but we guys have been joking about this forever. We save so much to buy a gadget of our dreams but when we want to resale it, it hardly fetches us anything. Thinking of this, I just remembered a sad saga. I had been saving for quite a long time to buy a laptop. I was in my medical college; so cash was scarce. I planned to buy a Windows Vista laptop (Vista was hot at that time). Also laptops were pretty expensive. I mean the basic 15 inch ones used to cost nothing less than forty thousand. I had laid my eyes on one which was of fifty four thousand. So finally when the day came, I took out all my savings and proudly brought home my trendy laptop with all my pride. It was my baby. It served me well. I never had any qualms about it. Few months