RIP Dear Laptop

The moment you choose a girl to marry, a more beautiful prospect comes your way; the moment you buy a gadget, a better one at a lower price gets launched! Its sad but absolutely true! I don't want to sound like an MCP (and neither I am) but we guys have been joking about this forever. We save so much to buy a gadget of our dreams but when we want to resale it, it hardly fetches us anything. Thinking of this, I just remembered a sad saga.
I had been saving for quite a long time to buy a laptop. I was in my medical college; so cash was scarce. I planned to buy a Windows Vista laptop (Vista was hot at that time). Also laptops were pretty expensive. I mean the basic 15 inch ones used to cost nothing less than forty thousand. I had laid my eyes on one which was of fifty four thousand. So finally when the day came, I took out all my savings and proudly brought home my trendy laptop with all my pride. It was my baby.
It served me well. I never had any qualms about it. Few months later, I met a girl whom I liked. She saw my laptop on our second date and started nagging about it. She called it 'black' and 'heavy'. It never occurred to me that I should get a lappy in any colour other than black. Also it was heavy, no doubt. It was not easy to cart around.
A year later, I got married to her. Her nagging about my 'everything' became legal and regular. One fine day, my laptop did not switch on. Its display was not working. I took it the service centre and had to pay for its repair as it was out of warranty. Then again it started working fine. I thought that deep inside my wife's mind she was dissatisfied that the laptop got repaired. I think she was silently praying that it would retire and she would get a new one. I got a new skin for its black old cover to beautify it and make my wife happy. But again after a few months, there was some problem with the hinges and had to get it replaced.
After few months, there was again some problem with its software. I took it to the service centre and then got Windows 7 professional installed. Again a bill. Like this, I kept on spending money to make it better. Windows 7 gave a free update to it 8 version and then I did that too. Now my laptop became a nightmare. It was constantly hanging and working on it became a Herculean task.
After a few months, Windows came out with its 10 version and it gave a free update. The day when I decided to upgrade it, was my worst decision. In fact I should have never gotten rid of Vista. Anyways, my scroll on the touch pad stopped working and the laptop became literally an idiot box. Finally I decided to get rid of it.
One of the buyers offered a mere 5k for it. Slowly I realized that I won't be able to make much for this oldie. So I decided to keep it myself and use till it died. However fate had something else planned. One fine day, it refused to turn on. When I took it to the service centre, they said that RAM had gone caput. Now there were 2 RAMs in my lappy. That servicing guy offered to replace one of them for free as he had a spare one (from some sad old lappy like mine). I needed to replace the second one. But replacing RAM would cost me and who knows few days later it would weigh me down by another few thousands! I decided it was enough! I just threw it in their trash bin!
Only if I had known about before, I would have been able to sell it at a much lucrative price! God save souls like me! Just #CleanUpCashOut

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