Here's to a cleaner Delhi, Greener Diwali

I love my Delhi. I have been residing here for the past decade and love it to bits. I feel that Delhi has every potential to become a world city. Where else in India would you find such broad roads, beautiful architecture, oodles of heritage clubbed with the best educational institutes, medical facilities and job opportunities? I feel that Delhi is one of the finest examples of a perfect amalgamation of technology and history. But do we Delhiites deserve this beautiful city? What have we done till now for our city?
We dump garbage everywhere, chop down trees, destroy farms and construct buildings there and do nothing positive for the environment. How long is this going to last? We are digging up our graves eventually. And with Diwali just around the corner, our city is at a greater threat.
Its all over the news now that sale of crackers are banned in Delhi NCR. And why not! Delhi is amongst the most polluted cities in the world! But what's ironical is that there is no ban on cracker bursting! Does it mean that get yourself crackers from some another place and burst here? Is it a coherent decision on part of the government?
Anyways what's important is that how we are are going to protect our environment. Diwali is the festival of lights. How on earth did it become synonymous with air and noise pollution? Its high time we start thinking about our environment. Ultimately, it is the main thing that is going to shape our lives and our future (I mean offsprings ).
I am totally in for a cracker free Diwali. Lets put string lights everywhere and lit up 'Diyas'. Diwali is indeed the most beautiful festival and lets remind ourselves and others of a pollution sans Deepawali! Everyone is trying to improve the situation of our favourite city; whether at an individual level or corporate level. Its all about taking steps...whether baby or giant.
Biggies like Vodafone have launched the concept of Super crackers as they are totally into 'Green Diwali'. Super crackers would be available at 52 Vodafone Delhi NCR stores from 16 th to 19th October. These super crackers are filled with eco friendly plant seeds. Nurture a plant, a step towards a healthier life. The telecom biggie has been into fighting air pollution since long. Last year when the pollution levels in Delhi reached an all time high, it built the city's first air purifying bus shelter. Its such a thoughtful initiative that people could breathe in fresh air while waiting for the bus. Is not clean air our birthright? So much for providing clean air to Delhiites.
Not only this, Vodafone has been instrumental in bringing super initiatives in Delhi, trying to make it a better city, everytime. With more that 1.2 crore customers in Delhi NCR, its the choice of the majority. It has revolutionized Digitisation by establishing hotspot centres in the city. There are 120 such zones like Mall of India, Fortis hospital, Delhi Haat, Khan Market, airport, busstops, etc. People can use free Wifi for 20 minutes irrespective of their network brand.
Not only this, they also support startups in their nascent stage by providing them Vodafone products to help in their business. Sometimes these free products can amount to a whopping 2,00,000! Vodafone is the heart of startup companies during their infancy (when you need support the most). Few of such startups are Oyo and Zomato. This telecom biggie has always believed in #CelebratingSuper
So this Diwali lets join the Supreme Court and Vodafone and pledge to celebrate a Clean and Green Diwali. Lets plant more trees, light up our houses and eat loads of sweets! No to crackers!


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