Global Handwashing Week in Kidzania

Healthy lifestyle starts with clean hands. This is a phrase we must have heard probably thousands of times right from our childhood. And why not? Cleanliness starts with baby steps and washing hands is the foremost step. As children, this is the first thing that we are taught and as adults, we should train our kids for the same. Last week celebrated this basic habit was celebrated at Kidzania with full vigour as it was Global Handwashing Week.
We as adults, tend to forget the basic good habits but its our duty to inculcate the best in our children. We should wash our hands before and after every activity. And if it requires cooking or eating, then hands should be washed all the more diligently. Germs spread the most from touching contaminated surfaces and hence its important to get rid of germs every time you touch the handrail or pick up the phone or open the door. Global Handwashing Week was particularly celebrated and followed with full effect in Kidzania, Delhi NCR.
For the uninitiated, Kidzania is a nation for kids; which has its own ‘Pazzport’, Kidzo currencies, rules and is an autonomous town in itself; which has its own hospital, fire staion, police station, school, department stores, restaurants, etc. It is a 100 crore establishment; spread over acres of land. Its basically an indoor activity park for kids right from age 2 to 16. Parents can also take part in the activities, otherwise its a delight to watch the children. The kids are involved in more than 90 role playing activities; where they take up jobs and earn ‘Kidzos’ and spend their earnt money on various services (like food, shopping, salon). The entire establishment is spotlessly clean and is absolutely safe for kids. They have paid great importance to washing hands and other cleanliness measures.
On the ocassion of Global Handwashing Week, they had set up placards all over that taught the importance of clean hands, how to wash hands with soap and of course the bad effects of uncleanliness.
Hand Washing section at Nutella Breakfast zone

Hand Washing zone at Dominos Pizza Making Classes

The activities which need cooking (like making a Nutella breakfast or pizza or icecream) has a designated hand washing area. The moment the kid enters, the person in charge makes sure that the kid wears an apron, washes hands and wears gloves. Also activities like colouring also has a cleaning area. I was really impressed with the system.
Hand Washing zone at Camlin studio
Hand Washing zone at Bajaj Alliance Cooking School

My toddler had a great time engaging in those role playing activities. She delivered parcels through DHL courier, learnt pizza making at Dominoes, made breakfast at Nutella, learnt dancing at Shiamak Davar, shopped at Big Bazaar and did a hell lot of other activities. She also learnt that in order to earn, one needs to work. She also learnt the importance of team work in fire fighting station. It was a knowledgeable as well as a very enjoyable afternoon.

Sanitization Area at the Salon

Sanitization Area at the hospital


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