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The finest bakery in Noida: Theos

I had heard a lot about Theos bakery so this Sunday I finally decided to try it out with my family. What I learnt was that apart from being a class patisserie, it serves excellent Italian. We had an awesome afternoon. To start with, I had caprese salad. It was one of the best I have had in a long time. The broccoli and peppers were fresh and crunchy and the seasoning was flavourful. For shakes I tried the blueberry frappe. It was not too sweet and extremely delicious and filling. The quantity is quite a lot. Then I had spaghetti Aglio olio. It was perfection. The flavours were simply irresistible. For dessert I had blueberry cheesecake. The cheesecake melted in my mouth and the blueberry topping was absolutely delicious. I also had baklava. I have had baklava from Turkey, Iraq and Greece and I can happily declare that the baklava of Theos was as good as the Middle Eastern one! About the bakery: They serve almost every thing you can think of. From

My vacation wishlist with Zaful

So I think its not a secret anymore that we are wishing to go on a long vacation. For that I have been scouring for the perfect skinny distressed jeans and am happy that I found one on Zaful . Also I have a great news for you! Zaful is having its fourth anniversary sale and I could not be happier! Curating my wardrobe is usually my wife's job but this time I too decided to help her! Since it is a long trip and there are many parts of it, I decided to curate a multipurpose wardrobe. There are going to be city tours, long drives, biking and of course hiking. Each of these require a particular outfit and so these are the items that are in my cart right now. I am trying to get the best out of Zaful 4th Anniversary sale! Camo print shorts : Shorts are a must have be it the beach or going for hiking. And camo print is simply the best.    Jacket : A jacket is a must have as everywhere in the world (barring the tropics) it gets chilly at night. So a stylish coat is