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Spring Wedding!

I continue to get requests on fashion posts. So I hand over my blog to Docdivatraveller, a bonafide fashionista according to me. Spring is here! The vibe is palpable. There are flowers everywhere and the temperature is on a rise. We have put away our woolens and coats and have been frolicking outside in the sun. With spring comes spring break, spring cleaning and of course spring weddings! The toughest part about weddings is choosing the right outfit according to me. So much to choose! Wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, flowergirl dresses, mother of the bride dresses, etc etc. Searching the perfect requires time and money. That is when we start looking online! I was searching the internet for gorgeous wedding dresses and other party dresses when I came across This site has got everything that a bride to be needs or dreams of! From wedding dresses to evening dresses to ball gowns and wedding accessories, they have it all! Not only that, they have receptio

Astra Force: Gliding through the Milky Way

Everyone was fast asleep in their beds. I mean my mom, Dad, Mr Giraffe, Mr Caterpillar and even my Guddu were sleeping. It was absolutely dark outside. Only the faint flickering light of Dad's mobile charger was visible. I was unable to sleep. I was overtired from my day at school. When I am overtired, I either sleep too much or don't sleep at all. That is what my Mom says. My granny put me to sleep in the afternoon. And I woke up quite late in the evening. I could not even go out to play as it had got dark by the time I woke up. And now, at night I could not sleep. My snooze cycle had turned topsy turvy. When I just was cursing the eerie silence and darkness, I saw a beam of blue light outside which just got brighter and brighter. No it was not police (our society is frequently visited by them; thanks to endless conflicts) It was something in the air, something unusual. Oh! it was a UFO from my colgate pack, just a lot bigger! How the hell did it slip out from my roo

A lot can happen over coffee..errr WHISKEY!

Who says men don’t like to jibber jabber and engage in pointless banter? Who says men don’t judge? Of course, they do! But apart from all this, men also have a habit of denying that they engage in the above acts. Men gossip! HELL YEAH, IT’S TRUE. Yes they do; and to a very huge extent. From office politics to hot colleagues, cheating girlfriends to sky high aspirations in life, men talk. Just as stated before, men are soft from inside, however resilient they may seem from outside. They too have their insecurities and fears but they don't open up easily. Whisky enables you to loosen up and show the real you. Just like women like to chat over a cuppa, men need something more macho. Whether its a game of poker or a round of pool, blackjack or plain old rambling after a heartbreak, whiskey is their perfect accompaniment. Whiskey connoisseurs just can't drink any kind of whiskey. They need the perfect blend of aromas, unique colour and persistent finish. And a

Book Review: Open Eyed Meditations

So who said that meditations have to be performed only with closed eyes? Well it is a notion I think 99% of us believe in. Of course meditation is Dhyanam which has to be performed in a peaceful environment, away from the hustle bustles of life and at a fixed place with closed eyes. Since I hardly get enough time to sleep (hello crazy surgeon schedules) I can't think of meditating. But I feel everyone should take out time in doing so. As much as concentration is required, its important to introspect everyday. Its is imperative to improve oneself and keep evolving positively. When I got my hands on the book 'Open Eyed Meditations' I realized that its never too late to start self improvisation. To start with, Open Eyed Meditations is a self improvement book by Shubha Vilas, the author of the best selling Ramayana : The Game of Life series. It is basically practical wisdom for everyday life, put together in a very thoughtful and useful manner. As soon as I started re

Spring Essentials with

I have been repeatedly getting requests to do fashion posts and fashion website reviews. So today I hand over to Mandira of Docdivatraveller to review a happening fashion website and discuss spring essentials with StyleWe . Hi loves! So March is here! What is synonymous with March? Of course spring! After months of cold, dark winters, its time to flaunt those legs and bask in the sun. Spring is thousand times better than summers. The heat is way less yet one can move around in breezy clothes. So here I round up the latest Spring trends that is hot not only on its coolness quotient but also very practical and easy on the pocket! 1. Jumpsuits: Jumpsuits had been on the fashion scene forever. But its been about five years that they are really in vogue. And of course they are here to stay! They are comfortable as well as stylish! This green jumpsuit is perfect for spring! 2. Tank tops: A tank top is a must in a fashionista's closet. For spring/sum