Book Review: Open Eyed Meditations

So who said that meditations have to be performed only with closed eyes? Well it is a notion I think 99% of us believe in. Of course meditation is Dhyanam which has to be performed in a peaceful environment, away from the hustle bustles of life and at a fixed place with closed eyes. Since I hardly get enough time to sleep (hello crazy surgeon schedules) I can't think of meditating. But I feel everyone should take out time in doing so. As much as concentration is required, its important to introspect everyday. Its is imperative to improve oneself and keep evolving positively. When I got my hands on the book 'Open Eyed Meditations' I realized that its never too late to start self improvisation.

To start with, Open Eyed Meditations is a self improvement book by Shubha Vilas, the author of the best selling Ramayana : The Game of Life series. It is basically practical wisdom for everyday life, put together in a very thoughtful and useful manner. As soon as I started reading the book, I could not keep it down! I just went on and on.

The best part about this book is that it is divided into chapters. And these chapters are not interrelated. So you don't need to read it in one go. Although I bet when you start, you won't be able to stop! There are 64 chapters in total; all dealing with very practical situations of life. These are short chapters (average 3 to 4 pages in one) and deals with everyday dilemmas. Like how or whether Valentines day should matter. Or is real love in kisses and gifts? Or why perfect people are unlikable or the writer has amazingly dealt with this situation in 'The tip to become infamous'!

All these junctures of life are very well explained with excerpts from Mahabharata, Ramayana and even Purana and Upanishad. I mean at one end he is trying to relate with our everyday situation like Facebook likes and tweets. While he is solving the exact same problem with anecdotes from these ancient epics! Like its important to go offline once in a while. The very way Pandavas were in Agyatavas. How superbly awesome is that?

The writer feels that these epics are practical even today and would be in the future. Very true. They are not called epics without substantial reason. They can be perfectly correlated with the disturbing situations that exist today.
I particularly like those chapters that are related to relationships. Because of stress at work and too many other things to do, we tend to neglect our relationships. We come back home everyday to just grab dinner, watch television and sleep after browsing social media. But this is not how relationships are nurtured. Whether its with your spouse or kids, relationships require tender love and care. Just like plants they need water and compost to grow; lest they will wither.

I have always been a great fan of Ramayana and Mahabharata. And this book turned out to be the nectar of my favourite epics. I also learnt new anecdotes from Purana; since I had not gone through them before. Few of my favourite anecdotes has to be : How Kunti and Pandu raised their sons to be so humble and how and why Duryodhana turned out to be opposite. The beautiful relationship between Rama and Sugriva and how Rama freed him from his wicked brother Bali, etc etc, There are hundreds of beautiful excerpts.

So if you want to have a grip on your life, go read this book. I promise you, you would emerge a much better person. We all need corrections don't we? Its never too late!

Number of Pages: 279
Rs 250 for Paperback

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