Astra Force: Gliding through the Milky Way

Everyone was fast asleep in their beds. I mean my mom, Dad, Mr Giraffe, Mr Caterpillar and even my Guddu were sleeping. It was absolutely dark outside. Only the faint flickering light of Dad's mobile charger was visible. I was unable to sleep. I was overtired from my day at school. When I am overtired, I either sleep too much or don't sleep at all. That is what my Mom says. My granny put me to sleep in the afternoon. And I woke up quite late in the evening. I could not even go out to play as it had got dark by the time I woke up. And now, at night I could not sleep. My snooze cycle had turned topsy turvy.

When I just was cursing the eerie silence and darkness, I saw a beam of blue light outside which just got brighter and brighter. No it was not police (our society is frequently visited by them; thanks to endless conflicts) It was something in the air, something unusual. Oh! it was a UFO from my colgate pack, just a lot bigger! How the hell did it slip out from my room? All the windows were closed!
I got up from my bed sneakily and went to my room. (I sleep with my parents) As soon as I entered, I was astonished! All my Colgate characters were alive! I had cut the pack with my parents just the day before and had aligned them on the floor. And now they all were alive!
There seemed to be some confusion between the ranger and the alien. The UFO was waiting outside, throwing blue beams all over. I just hoped that it did not come to the notice of our neighbours. The ranger wanted to get into the UFO while the green alien would not let him. Seeing me, they stopped arguing. I asked them if I could be shrunk and carried along with them. Lo! the alien bombarded his gun on me and I was of the same size! I declared that we three would be travelling in the UFO to explore the space. Thankfully they both agreed and we swooshed away! God knows what made them obey me 😁
After travelling for what seemed like hours, we came near Saturn. I readily recognized it because of its beautiful rings. We did not stop there and decided to travel towards the sun now. We came to the red planet Mercury and decided to land there. Since there was hardly any gravity, I was almost swimming in the air! It was a dreamy experience. There was a land rover kind of thing which helped us traverse the planet. We three were having a gala time when suddenly a flying ball of gas came swishing over us. I got really scared but Mr Astronaut assured me that it was just a comet. I decided it was time to move on and explore further.
We crossed our earth and came near Venus. It seemed too hot. We did not stop and flew towards the sun. The sun was blazing at its mighty best. We did not even have the courage to go near it. Mr Alien wanted us to go back. He said that the fuel in the UFO was declining and he wanted to drop us to earth. Okay captain, we heard you. Although I did not want to stop exploring the Milky way, I did not have any option. After a couple of hours, we came back to earth, in my very own society in Delhi.
Mr Astronaut and Mr Alien started thanking me profusely. I was fazed. What did I do? It was them who gave me a magical time! They said that they  had been trapped by some big hooligans and had been printed on cardboard. By cutting the cardboard and giving them shape, I had given back their lives. I just smiled modestly. It was me who was thankful.
Teary eyed, I bade them goodbye. I stood there near my window till the blue light faded away. I then went to my parents' bedroom and snuck inside the blanket beside my mom. I was fast asleep within no time.
In the morning my Mom had trouble waking me up for school. As soon as I came to my senses, I rushed to my room. All the space adventure cutouts were lying on the carpet as I had left them. There was no proof of any movement or any kind of disturbance whatsoever.

Was it all a dream? 😵

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