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#CatchUpOnGrowth Indiblogger Meet

When people look at me, they can't even remotely decipher that my father is over six feet tall. Yes I am an example of a short stature son of a tall father. And I blame that to my faulty nutrition. I was such a picky eater that I did not get the required nutrition. Now that I am Dad and my daughter is grossly underweight and a picky eater too, I am scared as hell about her growth and nutrition. Undernutrition does not necessarily happen in the downtrodden alone. The affluent class is equally prone to malnutrition. As my two year old daughter is highly underweight, I am worried as hell. I don't want history repeating. Catching up with my Blogger friends... Its been really long that we had an Indiblogger meet in Delhi. Everyday I would open up the site with great hopes only to see meets elsewhere. Sometimes in Bangalore, Mumbai or Kolkata even but not Delhi. One fine day I saw something vey promising in my inbox. It was a Horlicks Indiblogger Meet in Delhi and

Share The Load

As if Arvind Kejriwal had not caused enough inconvenience. Ariel Matic has come up with another odd even activity. I am supposed to share the load of doing laundry with my wife! Odd days male and even days female! Drats! Those who know me well know how lazy I am. In fact when it comes to household chores, I am the laziest. People who know me only through my or my wife's blog might think that I am the best husband. Well I might be (patting myself) if it comes to taking out my wife for dinner or planning trips. But when it comes to doing anything related to household, I am really not good. Kitchen scares me and other housework makes me giddy. Before my marriage I could make myself a good cup of tea. I cannot survive without tea you know! But after my wife came into my life, I stopped that too. Now I feel that she makes really good tea and I am not satisfied when I make it myself. I am ready to share the load! When I watched the above video, I was really touched. The fat

Instagram Feature Review

Social media has become an integral part of our lives. When I was in college, it was Orkut all the way. Then new platforms started erupting like My Space, Hi Five etc. The engagement of the general public (youth mainly) reached a new level with the arrival of Facebook. And bang, the virtual world became a real part of our lives. Since the advent of Facebook, new social media channels began cropping up everyday. After I became a blogger, I came to understand these things more in detail. First it was mandatory to have a Facebook page. Then a Twitter account. Then Instagram, then Snapchat , Periscope, etc etc. Seems like there is a chance to influence at all levels of social media. Blogmint , the very well known platform for bloggers recently started letting us bloggers monetize our social media handles. So firstly we all bloggers monetized our Twitter account. And then the latest to get monetized is my favourite App, Instagram . As soon as I monetized my account, I got three campaigns