Share The Load

As if Arvind Kejriwal had not caused enough inconvenience. Ariel Matic has come up with another odd even activity. I am supposed to share the load of doing laundry with my wife! Odd days male and even days female! Drats! Those who know me well know how lazy I am. In fact when it comes to household chores, I am the laziest. People who know me only through my or my wife's blog might think that I am the best husband. Well I might be (patting myself) if it comes to taking out my wife for dinner or planning trips. But when it comes to doing anything related to household, I am really not good. Kitchen scares me and other housework makes me giddy. Before my marriage I could make myself a good cup of tea. I cannot survive without tea you know! But after my wife came into my life, I stopped that too. Now I feel that she makes really good tea and I am not satisfied when I make it myself.
I am ready to share the load!

When I watched the above video, I was really touched. The father decides to help the mother at such a later stage. This is no doubt an inspiration for all but it was quite shameful for me. My father on the contrary had always helped my mother in sharing the household chores as long as I remember. Be it chopping vegetables or washing clothes, he has helped in doing everything. Why did not I get inspired by him? I always feel bad when I see my wife juggling thousands of roles. I want to help her, but I feel I would not be able to do it properly. My wife being very fastidious needs everything prim and proper. So I am always hesitant before trying anything. But since Ariel matic promises to give a superb cleanliness in just one wash, I decided to take the plunge.
Odd days...its my turn...

I marked the odd days of the month of May for myself and the even days for my wife. I actually decided to share the load!

It has been three times that I have washed the clothes. Its not much of a task really... A fully automatic machine with Ariel Matic is the easiest thing in the world.The clothes are squeaky clean, my wife is super happy and so am I!

I am taking part in the #LaundryGoesOddEven Challenge by Ariel India at BlogAdda

The New Ariel matic
Now its my wife's turn!

Wife is a pro in washing clothes..


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