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Parachute Advansed Body Lotion - Bring Back The Touch

It was a busy Monday morning. Sophia was up at 5 like every other weekday. She had to prepare breakfast for her two kids, her husband and herself. She also had to pack lunch. Her husband and her two kids Srita and Shraddha were still sleeping. She usually wakes them up after an hour before they leave for school at 7. As for her husband Ranveer, he leaves for office at 9 along with her. Somehow today Sophia was not feeling well. No, she was not sick, it was something else. She had been working nonstop since the past 10 years and taking care of her girls and husband. But somewhere deep down, she needed some pampering herself. The love story of Sophia and Ranveer goes back to their IIT days. Both brilliant students, they were attracted to each other from day one. They were the hottest couple in the entire college. They both got placement in big MNCs after they passed out and eventually tied the knot after a couple of years. They were very passionate in their

My 24K dream home with PORCELANOSA

Home sweet home. No matter to which social strata a person belongs, home is always sweet to him. Big or small, luxurious or basic, bungalow or a jhuggi, a home protects us from everything. The place we live is not a house; its home. As our income increases, our demands too. Our demands may not be necessities. No wonder, there is immense happiness in the little unnecessary necessities of life. We always dream of living big; a house is the first big step to king size living; a place which we call home. I have been fond of the Mediterranean region since I saw the pictures in childhood. The blue, white and teal theme is so much calm and visually appealing. Their kitchens and bathrooms too look so sophisticated and beautiful. I had always dreamt to decorate my home in this theme. And now, its no longer going to be a dream as 24K living has brought Porcelanosa into India. Porcelanosa was born in a little village of Mediterranean where even kitchens and bathrooms scream beauty! This brand


Since time immemorial, India has been the land of contradictions. On one hand we are the inventors of zero, the land of medical miracle Ayurveda (science of life), the land of surgery pioneer Susruta. Whereas on the other hand we have shown social backwardness like sati (widow burning), dowry, purdah system ( veil system) to open defecation. The irony is that while a typical Indian daughter in law (in rural areas) is supposed to conceal her face and remain oblivious to rest of the world, she is supposed to attend nature's call in the open. How is that justified? A female's dignity does not lie only in her clothes; it depends on her behavior too, to a very large extent. Our Indian society believes that modesty lies only in a women's attire. They forget that females meed to be respected too; remaining behind veils alone does not give her the 'respected' throne. If the society expects her to behave coy, then it should be in every sense.  The first Indian toilets wer

A healthy child makes a happy home #ImmuneIndia

I have been always fond of kids. The first baby of my life was my nephew, my elder sister's son. Since my sister has been the apple of my eyes, her son automatically became my darling. I have watched him grow from a wriggling infant to an eight year old handsome boy. But these years have not been a cakewalk. During these years, he has fallen sick so many times. Those periods have been the toughest of my life. Being a doctor myself, I tried to find out ways that would keep infections at bay. I digged into age old traditions of Ayurveda and found out Chyawanprash and honey are the secret ingredients to healthy life. Then I remembered that my mother used to feed me Dabur Chyawanprash everyday in the morning. That time I was unaware of its benefits. I used to enjoy its taste. Now I understand why I could refrain from catching cold in winters (while my classmates used to snuffle and sneeze all the time). As I became medically educated, I learnt that Dabur Chyawanprash contains rare