My 24K dream home with PORCELANOSA

Home sweet home. No matter to which social strata a person belongs, home is always sweet to him. Big or small, luxurious or basic, bungalow or a jhuggi, a home protects us from everything. The place we live is not a house; its home.
As our income increases, our demands too. Our demands may not be necessities. No wonder, there is immense happiness in the little unnecessary necessities of life. We always dream of living big; a house is the first big step to king size living; a place which we call home.
I have been fond of the Mediterranean region since I saw the pictures in childhood. The blue, white and teal theme is so much calm and visually appealing. Their kitchens and bathrooms too look so sophisticated and beautiful. I had always dreamt to decorate my home in this theme. And now, its no longer going to be a dream as 24K living has brought Porcelanosa into India. Porcelanosa was born in a little village of Mediterranean where even kitchens and bathrooms scream beauty! This brand has been brought into India by Kolte-Patil Developers Ltd. for their luxury venture #24KLiving.
Now when there are so many luxury options to choose from, I would grow crazy building my dream home. Here is a layout of my dream home.

My dream living room has to be a cozy space with inviting warmth. Not only the guests but we should feel comfortable yet luxurious at the same time. The wall tiles give a beautiful definition to the room. A fire place for sophistication and warmth, and upholstered sofa and an animal rug to that added touch of sensuality.

The beauty of Mediterranean theme lies in the all white decor. As difficult it is to maintain whites, the more pristine it looks. I have always loved all white bathrooms. Porcelonesa offers the most beautiful of pristine white bathrooms.

These walls are the USP of this bathroom. The pattern is beautiful and elegant. Love the unique wash basins. Its indeed a dream corner in the bathroom.

Again an all white decor. The patterned walls add an extra charm to this space.


Another bathroom of my dream home would be like this. Again unique shape of these washbasins jazzes up the space.

 Being a fashionista, wardrobe space is an important aspect of my dream home. My bedroom would have a section like this for my wardrobe. Elegant and functional..a dream come true.

I dream of having a walk in closet like this to store my Armanis and Burberrys. not only a place like this is not a visual treat but is safety for my expensive wardrobe. This place makes dressing up such a pleasurable experience.

  My dream passageway from the living room to my bedroom.

 This would be my dream corner to relax after a hard day at work. I love the tub, the tiles, the faucet, everything!

My dream all white dining room. Elegant and functional.

I would love my kitchen to have a small corner for quick bites. I love the counter and of course the seating area. Its functional for guests to chat while I whip up a meal. The brown decor would conceal the greasy kitchen stains. 

  The entry has to be the most inviting. For that these beautiful anti slip stone tiles.

I love entertaining and this laminate flooring screams dream portico!

   A cozy corner in the house ..thanks to the laminate flooring!

My dream pool area needs to be anti slip hence these anti slip tiles.

My dream all white sofa and the beautiful laminate flooring.

So its my dream house in a nutshell. Hopefully I would be able to turn my dreams into a reality with the help of 24K living!


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