Parachute Advansed Body Lotion - Bring Back The Touch

It was a busy Monday morning. Sophia was up at 5 like every other weekday. She had to prepare breakfast for her two kids, her husband and herself. She also had to pack lunch. Her husband and her two kids Srita and Shraddha were still sleeping. She usually wakes them up after an hour before they leave for school at 7. As for her husband Ranveer, he leaves for office at 9 along with her.
Somehow today Sophia was not feeling well. No, she was not sick, it was something else. She had been working nonstop since the past 10 years and taking care of her girls and husband. But somewhere deep down, she needed some pampering herself.
The love story of Sophia and Ranveer goes back to their IIT days. Both brilliant students, they were attracted to each other from day one. They were the hottest couple in the entire college. They both got placement in big MNCs after they passed out and eventually tied the knot after a couple of years. They were very passionate in their relationship but slowly that passion started getting engulfed first by their busy work commitments and then their first baby and eventually second child.
The day before was Sunday. Ranveer went out with his friends while Sophia helped her girls finish up their school assignments. Sophia remembered their early days. Sundays used to be so much fun. They used to party hard on Saturday nights and therefore stay in bed till 11 on Sundays. After that brunch in some posh eatery to be followed by shopping and strolling around. Sigh. She could not remember the last time she got dressed other than her office attire. How she missed putting on make up and surprising her husband with new get ups. They were not that old! Just mid thirties and a lifeless relationship was on the horizon ahead. It was not too late. Sophia decided to take matters in her own hands.
Her friend and colleague Gurpreet had been telling her about Parachute Advansed Body Lotion. How it had transformed her mundane life to a passionate one. Sophia had seen its advertisement on the television too and had her intrigued. Maybe it actually works! So she decided that she would get herself one after office. She had to do something to rekindle the lost love.
The rest of the day went as usual. Before it was time to retire, she took a bath and applied Parachute Advansed Body lotion all over her. She loved its fragrance and the smoothness of her skin that came with it. Then she quietly snuggled into her bed beside Ranveer. He was asleep when she lied down but somehow he cuddled her and ran his hands over hers. Sophia was loving this tiny bit of attention.
Their busy week ran as usual. Sophia applied her Parachute lotion everyday and her skin regained its suppleness. She also noticed that Ranveer was trying to grab her whenever he found time. Well something is better.
Then the weekend came. Saturday mornings are usually lazy. Since no one has to go anywhere, neither school nor office, they wake up late. On waking, Sophia saw the bed empty. She found a note from Ranveer saying he had a surprise for her. As a daily ritual, she went to her daughters' room and was shocked to find them missing. Panicking, she called up her husband. After few minutes, she found him knocking the door. This was his surprise. Ranveer had taken the girls to their grandmother's place so that they could enjoy some quiet time together.
The rest of the day was pretty dreamy. He got her a beautiful summer dress which revealed much of her arms and legs. He was so smitten by the satin touch of his wife's skin that he could not keep his hands off her. After all its been seven days  that she had been using Parachute body lotion. They spent the whole day in bed whispering sweet nothings and cuddling. After that they had dinner reservations and then he took her out clubbing. Sophia took out her new glittery dress after ages. She did not have any chance to wear it earlier. She felt that everything was perfect just like her salad days. What a relief..she could finally #BringBackTheTouch thanks to Parachute Advansed Body Lotion!!


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