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Mobiistar Selfie Phone comes to India!

It's my dream to get clicked with CEOs and founders of major brands from across the world. I get so fascinated by them. I mean they are the founders of something new and provide employment to so many people and sustain their families. The best way to fulfill this desire of mine is to attend product launches. Being a blogger I have a few privileges. I not only get to meet CEOs during product launches but also get to interview them. I have met the CEOs of Forever21, ASUS, Spawake, Bata etc etc. So when the homepage of Indiblogger flashed the launch of Mobiistar, I was super excited. It was two great events woven into one...a much awaited Indiblogger Meet and the launch of Mobiistar phone. So I would get to meet the CEO as well as witness the unravelling of a super selfie phone. Mobiistar is a Vietnamese brand which was launched in 2009 with the motto 'Enjoy More'. Their goal is to provide best features in phones to its consumers at super affordable prices. This time t

Why do we need a selfie?

The evolution of cameras: Long before people used to capture memories in their brains. Visited a new place? Jotted down a travel journal. Spotted a pretty girl? Penned down a poem. Something in the society irked the citizens? Articles in newspapers were printed. However no where there was any evidence of pictures. Then the camera was invented. It was an excellent way to freeze memories/evidences even though in black and white. Gradually the camera evolved. From bulky machine like structures with separate flash to smaller gadget like equipments. Then the colour film came and it was revolutionary. Now the memories captured seemed more beautiful than real time. From one film one photo to 36 photos in a single film. And then the ultimate revolution. Digital cameras! There was absolutely no limit to the number of pictures you could click in one go and there was no need to print them! That is when people became obsessed with clicking as it didn't involve any expense apart fr