Why do we need a selfie?

The evolution of cameras:

Long before people used to capture memories in their brains. Visited a new place? Jotted down a travel journal. Spotted a pretty girl? Penned down a poem. Something in the society irked the citizens? Articles in newspapers were printed.
However no where there was any evidence of pictures. Then the camera was invented. It was an excellent way to freeze memories/evidences even though in black and white.
Gradually the camera evolved. From bulky machine like structures with separate flash to smaller gadget like equipments. Then the colour film came and it was revolutionary. Now the memories captured seemed more beautiful than real time.

From one film one photo to 36 photos in a single film. And then the ultimate revolution. Digital cameras! There was absolutely no limit to the number of pictures you could click in one go and there was no need to print them! That is when people became obsessed with clicking as it didn't involve any expense apart from buying the camera.
The phone camera too was born sometime during this phase. It was a revolution in itself. One did not have to carry a camera separately. One could take pictures anytime, anywhere. Freezing memories was in the grip of a hand.From poor quality VGA cameras to increasing mega pixels day by day. And then the front camera was born. The result? One longer needed someone else to take one's picture!
The selfie or front camera too has come a long way. From VGA to 3 megapixel to 5 and then now it's even 20! Then selfie cameras also started coming with flashes for that ultimate low light capture.

Why do we take selfies?
We don't have a photographer lurking around all the time!
Life is a collection of memories. We freeze each moment through a selfie.
It's the perfect companion for solo travelling.
For group pictures, it's the best way to snap memories.
The 'group selfie' or groupie became a world wide range after Hollywood actor Bradley Cooper took a selfie with almost all the Oscar award winners after the Academy Awards ceremony!
Now what are the limitations of this extremely independent act?
  • Quality: Usually front cameras have lower megapixels than the conventional back ones. However this problem is being solved with the selfie camera reaching new heights everyday!
  • Wide angle: Have you ever wondered what would happen if we get a wide angle lens in front camera? Of course! Great group selfies or 'groupies' . Imagine that Bradley Cooper moment at every party/gathering. Everyone of our group would get accommodated in the picture without any pushing or shoving or other unnecessary positions. But can it be a reality?

It's time for a new revolution in selfie Experience. Yes...Mobiistar is here! In 2009, this Vietnamese brand was launched with a vision to 'Enjoy More' by bringing uncompromised user experience. The best part? It's super affordable!

So what does it promise so that we can enjoy more?

Wide angle Dual Selfie camera:

Yes! Mobiistar comes with an 120 degree wide angle lens.
So what would be the benefit? Perfect 'Bradley Cooper' moments. More of background while taking solo pictures during travelling. I mean along with the face, there would be a Leaning Tower/Colosseum too! So the next time I am on a beach or trekking a peak, I can squeeze both myself as well as my conquest! Family selfies can also be taken easily...I don't have to squeeze in my daughter with difficulty.

Powerful Long Lasting battery for unlimited fun:
When a phone is multitasking (read camera, compass, book, etc etc) it's bound to get discharged quickly...especially on the go. Mobiistar promises long lasting battery.

Best in segment Snapdragon Processors: Fast phone! No more loading...loading....

It's designed especially for India...co created with Flipkart. How cool is that?

So now we know which phone to grab if we want perfect pictures! Yay to this incredible Vietnamese brand! What are you waiting for? Get yourself ready for 23 May on Flipkart!


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