Mobiistar Selfie Phone comes to India!

It's my dream to get clicked with CEOs and founders of major brands from across the world. I get so fascinated by them. I mean they are the founders of something new and provide employment to so many people and sustain their families. The best way to fulfill this desire of mine is to attend product launches. Being a blogger I have a few privileges. I not only get to meet CEOs during product launches but also get to interview them. I have met the CEOs of Forever21, ASUS, Spawake, Bata etc etc. So when the homepage of Indiblogger flashed the launch of Mobiistar, I was super excited. It was two great events woven into one...a much awaited Indiblogger Meet and the launch of Mobiistar phone. So I would get to meet the CEO as well as witness the unravelling of a super selfie phone.
Mobiistar is a Vietnamese brand which was launched in 2009 with the motto 'Enjoy More'. Their goal is to provide best features in phones to its consumers at super affordable prices. This time they are fully ready to tap the Indian market with their Super selfie phone.
We all love selfies but it's really tough to take good quality, big group selfies. Or even if there are good phones, they are exorbitantly expensive. This feature of Mobiistar promises to take India by storm.
The afternoon started with our favourite host Kartik introducing new bloggers in the Indiblogger community. Then the stage was taken over by the beautiful Shobha Rana to be handed over to the CEO of Mobiistar, Carl. What followed afterwards was sheer shocking as well as exciting.
Mobiister had been surveying Indian market for a while and had concluded that the Selfie phone which  they have designed takes way better selfies than the other control phones. That way they were ready to storm into the Indian smartphone market.
Mobiister phones come in two variants: CQ and XQ.
The Mobiister XQ Dual is the widest selfie star. It has a 13 MP and 8 MP selfie camera. Rear camera is 13MP. With 3000 MAh battery and Qualcom Snapdragon camera, it promises excellent selfies, long lasting battery and a fast processor. It has 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM. But that's not it. The real hero is the 120 degree camera that would take the wildest selfie! How cool is that? With 5.0 HD screen and 2.75D curve, you can be assured that the selfies would be the best.
Now coming to the most important factor...the price. Can you guess? It's a shocking 7,999 INR!
Then is the Mobiister CQ variant. Its front camera is of 13 MP. It has 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. However the price is unbelievable! It's 4,999 INR!

  Not only Mobiister gives a lot many reasons to #EnjoyMore but a host of other privileges too. It has partnered with Flipkart as its online distributor. You would get 1000 INR discount for exchange with any smartphone. Also facilities like extended warranty et all at a nominal amount.

They have taken care of the Data Plans too. Because no video is enjoyable without a good internet plan! They have partnered with Jio for some exciting offers and cashback!

After such a jaw dropping revelation, it was time for some fun! We were split into groups of 10 bloggers in each team and we had to narrate a story with the message 'Enjoy More' only with the help of selfies! It was hell chaotic but super fun! After a delicious high tea, question answers with Carl and photo ops, we headed back home contended. I of course managed to get clicked with Carl. I am definitely getting a #Mobiister phone for my parents! Their newest passion is taking selfies 😀


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