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Book Review: The Mummy Bloggers by Holly Wainwright

Title: The Mummy Bloggers Author: Holly Wainwright Genre: Fiction, Humor Coming to the book this is a story of 3 mothers who happen to share their lives daily online ie they are bloggers. Although they are very different from each other and have a niche and an audience of their own. The stylish mumma is a mom of two boys. She is rich and sexy and married to a man way older to her. The green Diva has two kids from her earlier marriage and is now in a lesbian relationship, whose partner too has two kids from before. She hs moved to the countryside and homeschools her kids and deapises everything that is non organic. The working mumma has three kids and slogs hard everyday to balance her job and motherhood. The blog is an outlet for both the working mumma and green diva but it's actually a business venture with lofty goals for the stylish mumma.  However when an award with a huge financial perk is announced for the best mummy blogger, everyone becomes ambitious and dive into the proce