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Why India needs Wind Energy

I just came back from a forbidden country,. I am deliberately not mentioning its name to avoid undue trouble . I was sent there to perform surgeries and was there for a week. When I landed safely in India, not only me but my family and all those related to me breathed a sigh of relief. Yes I was back, safely in one piece. Whenever such experiences happen, I feel so safe in my own country. Homeland is like a mother in whose lap you can cuddle and forget all the worldly problems. India nurtures us like any other mother. It feeds us, keep us safe and provides with all the amenities one requires to lead a good life. I in turn serve my country by treating the sick. There are many ways by which we can serve our country. Joining the army, not wasting food, resources, keeping the surroundings clean are few of them. Here I am discussing about saving our resources. As you all know, fossil fuels like coal and petroleum have limited reserves. We are a country of 1.2 billion p

The city that never stops

What did come to your mind when you read the title? Okay I am not talking about New York or Tokyo. Think within your country too. We have two such cities which are in the list of biggest cities in the world...Delhi and Mumbai. Thankfully I have been to several other cities which feature in the top 20 largest cities..Manila, Bangkok, Dubai etc. But my heart lies where my home is. After travelling to eight countries, my favourite city in the world is non other than Delhi. I have not been brought up in Delhi. My primary education has been in Varanasi and secondary in Lucknow. But I moved to Delhi after I completed medicine in search of work and have never looked back since. Wide roads and beautiful favourite city: Delhi This is almost my tenth year in Delhi and now I am fully settled here. I have a voter ID and car registration of Delhi. That makes me a true Delhiite. I believe when it comes to drive, design and connect, nothing can beat Delhi. Delhi has

Guilt Free Dessert

So how many of you have sweet tooth? For starters, I did not have one. In fact I used to detest sweets. Before meeting my fiance, I loved only Rasgulla and Kheer Kadam. But I don't know what happened after my marriage, I started gorging on sweets like anything! You must have known by now that I am a terrible cook. I cannot be called a cook even. I don't even know how to make a nice cup of tea. But the blogger in me evokes the strangest of desires in me. I ventured into pasta previously for the sake of blogging and now I am into desserts! For this one my wife taught me a super simple recipe which turned out to be ehm super delicious! My wife was so proud of me! People may tend to avoid desserts because of various reasons...calorie conscious, weight losers, diabetic and other lifestyle disorder sufferers. My recipe is for all as I have substituted sugar with Sugar Free Natura . It contains sucralose and is a healthier alternative to sugar. The taste remains impecca