The city that never stops

What did come to your mind when you read the title? Okay I am not talking about New York or Tokyo. Think within your country too. We have two such cities which are in the list of biggest cities in the world...Delhi and Mumbai. Thankfully I have been to several other cities which feature in the top 20 largest cities..Manila, Bangkok, Dubai etc. But my heart lies where my home is. After travelling to eight countries, my favourite city in the world is non other than Delhi.
I have not been brought up in Delhi. My primary education has been in Varanasi and secondary in Lucknow. But I moved to Delhi after I completed medicine in search of work and have never looked back since.

Wide roads and beautiful favourite city: Delhi

This is almost my tenth year in Delhi and now I am fully settled here. I have a voter ID and car registration of Delhi. That makes me a true Delhiite. I believe when it comes to drive, design and connect, nothing can beat Delhi.
Delhi has the largest number of cars in India. And the number is increasing everyday. You name a car, you spot it on the roads of Delhi. And why not? Those long flyovers, the DND flyway and all those never ending underpasses...Delhi is the place where you can drive to your heart's content! When there were no showrooms of Porsche or Jaguar, one could spot these cars in plenty in the swanky lanes of Hauz Khas village or DLF Emporio. Infact these luxury companies first established their showrooms in Delhi only. That proves that Delhi is the hub of cars. It is the place of zillionaires. Therefore it is the place where car business is. Whichever latest car I spot in a car magazine, I can spot it on the roads of Delhi. Each family has a minimum of three cars (I am talking about the affluent class) and hence the variety of cars is expected. Be it the international brands like BMW, Audi, Porsche, Jaguar, Lexus or our very own Maruti or Tata Motors, you can see them all. With all the flyovers and underpasses, Delhi is the best place to drive!
New Delhi has been designed by the great Edwin Lutyens. Delhi boasts of the widest roads in India. Whether it is the Raisina Marg or the wide, posh lanes of Chanakyapuri, Delhi has the best roads. The markings are super accurate and very helpful even to a newbie. This city has tall buildings, be it office or residence. The Malls are of international designs and so are the office buildings. When it comes to houses, slip into the Chhatarpur area or Defence Colony someday. You would find the most beautiful homes! Not to forget the magnificent Rashtrapati Bhawan and the lavish houses on Janpath. Delhi is not only modern but is the perfect amalgamation of technology and history. No city can beat it in terms of design.
Coming to connectivity. How can this enormous number of cars move without proper connectivity? Delhi boasts of the maximum number of flyovers in India. After Kolkata, Delhi is the second city in the country to develop Metro rail network. The construction of the Metro railways has been very rapid with construction spread over four phases. Almost every historical site, shopping centre and other important point is connected with Metro.

Coming to road transport, Delhi Transport Corporation has a large fleet of low floor AC buses and non AC buses. Apart from that the Orange line is run by private parties and contributes to the ever expanding Bus service in Delhi. Apart from Buses and Metro rail, local trains also contribute to connectivity. Also auto rickshaws, chartered buses and e ricks provide public transport to the ever expanding population of Delhi.

I think that nothing can beat Delhi when it comes to Drive, Design and Connect. It is undoubtedly my favourite city!


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