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I have not been everywhere, but it's on my list

In India, travelling is very biased. I mean most of the people lack the the real courage to tread the less trodden path and do something groundbreaking. I mean majority of the travellers feel that way. And the uncles and aunties and bosses and colleagues who take greater pleasure in indulging in gossip than reading a travel journal; leave alone venture on a trip, would try to poke you all the time that why haven't you seen the Eiffel Tower yet! I mean haven't you faced it? Regular people know a few clich├ęd destinations like London, Paris, Switzerland and America. I have set foot on 21 countries till now, all via my hard earned money but sadly ( according to them) haven't been anywhere on the aforementioned list. I mean why should I? Is there an unwritten rule that one HAS to go to Switzerland/Paris to establish oneself as a traveller? Sorry. I don't fit into that mould. I am way too open minded to fall into a show off/ must do rut. I would rather tick places off f