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My strength

I have always been a happy go lucky person. But that does not mean that I don't have my share of ups and downs. There are days when I simply can't find the reason to live. I feel depressed, sad and dejected. The toughest part is to drag myself out from that difficult phase. Because the moment I find something positive, I come back to my happy self again. But when my dejected phase gets a bit longer than usual, I feel stuck in a rut. That's when I realize how important it is to be surrounded by loved ones. I have declared my undying love for my elder sister time and again . She is my backbone, my source of inspiration and motivation. Whenever I have been lost, she had brought me back on the track. It was the final year of my post graduation. Doing M.S in Orthopedics is not a piece of cake. I used to work for about 96 hours at a stretch, rest for a few hours and then again leave for the hospital! That had been my schedule for the first two years of my M.S. But in the fi


I had a very humble upbringing. The reason behind that was my parents believed that its very important to have your feet on the ground if you want to reach for the sky. I was a naughty kid at school who never wanted to study. But somehow during the last four years of my school I turned over a new leaf.  I come from a very close knit family. Apart from my parents, I have been brought up, guided and bullied by my elder sister. She had been the sole inspiration of my life. She is a very ambitious person while I used to be very laid back. Its because of her constant push and motivation that I am what I am today. But that has come with its own share of hardships and challenges. My sister wanted to be a doctor right from the beginning and she left no stone unturned to fulfill her dreams. When she cracked her medical entrance exams, she was the first person in our clan to become a doctor. Then my sister motivated me to embrace her profession too. Somehow I was so smitten by the amount of

Ray of Hope

It was a tough day at my hospital. In fact it had been a series of hectic days. I was on 24 hours duty on Tuesday, went to Moradabad on Wednesday ( 180 km journey ) , came back at night for a sleep of about 3 hours only to wake up early next morning. Not only I woke up but hurried to the hospital for an early morning surgery. I was on my feet for 6 hours at a stretch; concentrating on the surgeries. But then I gave up. I was physically exhausted and mentally extinguished. I badly needed a break... few hours of sound sleep to be precise. When I voiced my tiredness, my senior retaliated and said that I am not sincere enough and I don't want to learn. That was it. I was already feeling too much frustrated and I could not take that remark anymore. I stomped out of the operation theater straight to home. I was expecting a good amount of ignore and nagging  from my better half. I was home after around 65 hours and everyone was right in their own situation. As I turned the keys and the

HDFC Life | Apne parivaar ko apne dum pe jeena sikhao!

I am the youngest in my family. Not that my family is very big; my happy family consists of just my parents and my elder sister. But that meant I was pampered to the hilt by all the three of them. However in my heart, a special corner was reserved for my elder sister. I loved both of my parents intensely but somehow my heart and soul was for my sister. I used to (and still do) mumble 'didi didi' so much that everyone in my school and our locality used to call me my sister's tail. The 'tail title' instead of embarrassing me used to make me feel proud. My sister is a very ambitious person right from childhood. She used to toil hard to secure first position in the class and used to work harder in order to maintain it. Whatever she did, she used to aim for the best. I on the other hand was a very laid back person right from the beginning. It never mattered who topped my class till I passed in all the subjects! I was never sure of my ambitions when I was in school.