Ray of Hope

It was a tough day at my hospital. In fact it had been a series of hectic days. I was on 24 hours duty on Tuesday, went to Moradabad on Wednesday ( 180 km journey ) , came back at night for a sleep of about 3 hours only to wake up early next morning. Not only I woke up but hurried to the hospital for an early morning surgery. I was on my feet for 6 hours at a stretch; concentrating on the surgeries. But then I gave up. I was physically exhausted and mentally extinguished. I badly needed a break... few hours of sound sleep to be precise. When I voiced my tiredness, my senior retaliated and said that I am not sincere enough and I don't want to learn.

That was it. I was already feeling too much frustrated and I could not take that remark anymore. I stomped out of the operation theater straight to home. I was expecting a good amount of ignore and nagging  from my better half. I was home after around 65 hours and everyone was right in their own situation. As I turned the keys and the door opened with a click, I was taken aback. Instead of a taunt from my wife, it was a cry of joy. It was my daughter welcoming me!

Never before I had thought that fatherhood could be so rewarding! My ten months old daughter, who does not even know how to speak or walk could lighten up my day to this extent! Suddenly all my exhaustion and frustration went away. I was feeling very blessed to have her in my life.

Often I find myself repenting the decision to become a doctor. What has this profession given me? Money? That any job can give me! Also we all Indian doctors get paid way less than what we deserve to. Apart from wringing away my youth, it has given me nothing. First inhuman hard work in eleventh and twelfth class to get selected into a medical college. Then 6 years of relentless study. Then toil even harder to get into specialization. Then when you think that now you can relax a bit, post graduation squeezes the life out of you. There used to be times when I had worked for 96 hours at a stretch during my post graduation. After I became an orthopedic surgeon I felt that maybe now my life is settled. But a couple of days later I realized that the real trial has began now. In fact it is the toughest phase of life to establish yourself as a professional.

Somehow all my repentance and grievance vanished the moment I saw my daughter's innocent smile. She had been waiting for me! She was sitting on the carpet of our living room; just like a puppy who is waiting for its master to arrive! Who gives a damn to others when you have so much peace at home! Even though my wife is a nagger, my daughter's affection compensates everything. Suddenly I felt that my life is not a farce, it has got missions. Her innocent smile reprogrammed my frustrated mind.

Firstly I have been blessed with the privilege of saving lives. Who on earth apart from God can do that? Secondly the social status of a doctor is unmatched. The amount of respect I get wherever I go is overwhelming. Thirdly I was able to sweep my girlfriend ( my now wife)  off her feet with my profession and knowledge. Last but not the least my daughter's impending admission.

After two years I have to put her into a school. Those parents who have already admitted their kids can understand my agony. Its one of the most tedious phases in a parents' life. Somehow I believe that me and my wife are going to get a bit of edge in this. We being highly educated parents; doctors to be precise would score good on the qualification column. Maybe I worked so hard and became a doctor for my daughter! I am able to give her a good life with my ample earnings! I need to transform her into a better citizen and a highly educated professional! I have so many missions in my life! Maybe my life is not as bad as it seems! I had never thought that the smile and love of a ten month old can make me realize how privileged I am. I should thank God for giving me such a good life. There is light at the end of the tunnel...

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