I had a very humble upbringing. The reason behind that was my parents believed that its very important to have your feet on the ground if you want to reach for the sky. I was a naughty kid at school who never wanted to study. But somehow during the last four years of my school I turned over a new leaf. 

I come from a very close knit family. Apart from my parents, I have been brought up, guided and bullied by my elder sister. She had been the sole inspiration of my life. She is a very ambitious person while I used to be very laid back. Its because of her constant push and motivation that I am what I am today. But that has come with its own share of hardships and challenges.

My sister wanted to be a doctor right from the beginning and she left no stone unturned to fulfill her dreams. When she cracked her medical entrance exams, she was the first person in our clan to become a doctor. Then my sister motivated me to embrace her profession too. Somehow I was so smitten by the amount of accolades and respect she got that I too wanted to become a doctor. I started studying hard...really hard to achieve my goal. Finally I got through the test and secured a whopping position of 33 in the Uttar Pradesh Medical Entrance test. I got into King George Medical College, one of the first pre independence medical colleges of India and one of the best till date. That was a breakthrough not only for me but for my entire family. Our entire neighbourhood came to congratulate me. Coming from a small suburb of Varanasi, people had high hopes from me. They all wanted me to become a good doctor and then come back and treat them.

After I completed my MBBS from Lucknow, it was time to do my specialization. This time I took up Orthopaedics in Allahabad Medical College. My parents had been overly supportive of my decisions all throughout my career. In order to accompany me during my Orthopedic days, my mom took a transfer to Allahabad. Those were pretty golden days with my sister and my new born nephew living with me and my mom in Allahabad.

The ultimate adventure began when I completed my post graduation. I decided to start my practice in Delhi. My decision to shift to Delhi shook my parents as well as my sister.  My super supportive parents always had a belief that after completing my studies I would go back to Varanasi and set up my practice there. And my sister used to think that now I would be more capable to take care of my parents now that they were older. My sister always had been an ideal daughter. But a girl has her limitations. She was married and could not live with our parents anymore. So she expected me, their only son to take care of them.

It was not that I had forgotten all the efforts that my parents and my sister had put in shaping me. But I wanted to grow as a doctor. I wanted to work in a big hospital, learn complicated surgeries and grow my name. Then I married a Delhi girl. That all the more sealed my residence in Delhi. Now my parents thought that their little boy would never come back to their nest.

I had my share of hardships while getting settled in Delhi. I ran from one hospital to another with my resume. Rents were pretty steep and so were the daily amenities. With no Godfather in this big, bad city, I had a pretty difficult time. These hardships would not have to be faced back home in Varanasi. But I decided to establish myself on my own.

I always keep asking my parents to shift their base to Delhi and stay with us. Somehow they don't find the peace and solace which they find back home. I am not running away from my responsibilities. I want to earn, learn and create a name for myself and my family. If they need me urgently then I would be the first one to rush back home. In between the thought of starting my practice in Varanasi intimidates me. I don't want to offend my parents who have done so much for me and made me what I am today; but I don't want to bury my dreams either.
Its been now seven years in Delhi now. Moving into this big, bad city with no one to support me has been the boldest decision of my life. Somehow I am content in my place. I hope my parents to accept the fact that I won't be moving back to my hometown. But they should always have faith in me that I would always be by their side...always.

I am not giving up, I am here to stay in Delhi and make a mark for myself. Just like Housing.com which promises optimism in every step.


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