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Safe baby Happy Baby

What is the toughest part of bringing up a baby? I think its their safety and health. There are so many things that concern baby care. Fatherhood has infused tonnes of questions in me that I thought never existed. Babies bring so much responsibility. As much as they are bundles of joy, they bring with them bundles of stress too. However 20 months of fatherhood has taught me certain things that keep parenting stress at bay. The first and the foremost thing is how to keep baby skin safe and soft. Baby skin is way thinner and delicate than adult skin. So it needs utmost care. The commonest concern for baby skin is diaper rash. In this civilized world, it is impossible to leave your baby free. We put them in constricting diapers all day long and don't let baby skin breathe. As a result of constant friction, the skin gets eroded. Change the diaper frequently. Let the baby diaper free during daytime. Baby skin is more to skin allergies, sun burn, eczema and stuff. It is importan

The woman of Iron and steel

There are so many people that one comes across in life. There are even a greater number of people that one gets inspired from.It may or may not be surprising but I have come across a huge number of people in my 30 years of existence. Part of it because of my profession and upbringing, part of it because I am a very social person. I have lived at 6 different cities (I am not calculating the different towns of those cities) and I have had different schools, medical colleges and hospitals. In all this process I have met thousands of people. Some of them have been filthy rich, some extreme survivors, some legends (whether in the medical profession or in general) and some of them extremely happy no matter what their circumstances are. I have been inspired by all the people I have met. But one person continues to top the list in-spite of everything. She is my mother. I know it may sound cliched that my mother is the most inspiring person of my life. Every person finds his/her mother

Baby soft skin

What comes to your mind when you think of babies? For me its the softness and coochy coo and the incredible smell that come along with the babies. I have been fond of babies right from the beginning. So when I became a father, my joy knew no bounds! Along with the joys of having a baby come lots of woes too. Babies are tough to handle and even tougher to take care of. They are so delicate that they need the tenderest care and products to keep them healthy and happy. After I became a father I realised that the toughest part in the baby care regime is taking care of their delicate skin. Okay I agree that feeding babies is the most challenging part.  The second challenge is how to keep their skin soft. Baby skin is three times thinner than adult skin. Therefore it is more prone to damage. Baby skin is moist looking because it is new; it does not mean that they do not need external hydration. In fact they need more hydration to lock their innate moisture. Five ways to kee

Tradition with a twist

I am not much of a fashion person. I mean who has got the time? Between my hectic hospital schedule, fatherhood and cricket, I am left with no time for socialising leave dressing up! But being the husband of a fashionista, I have to take care of myself. Okay I would speak the truth. My wife sets up my wardrobe for me. Its her who decides what I would wear whether its a conference or wedding or festival! Being a surgeon I am either in my operation theater dress or in a suit. So festivals are the time when I can don ethnic attire. Diwali is my favourite time of the year when I can flaunt my heavy sherwanis et al. This time too I had bought something that screams festive. When came up with #traditionmyway contest, I grew all the way more excited to show my look! Me with the 'aarti' thali for the Diwali puja Usually black is not a festive colour. But I love black. It makes not only me but every guy look dapper. So I chose this black kurta with golden buttons for

Gifts for men

Who in this world does not like gifts? I am a person with very less demands but I love a good gift nonetheless. My wife often complains that it is very difficult to buy gifts for men.   I don't know why she says so. I mean we love so many things...don't we? From X box to golf clubs to fitness bands, we love them all! But unlike girls, our taste is a bit mature and practical when it comes to gifts. And I definitely agree that our choice is definitely on the higher side of economics. Speaking from a man's point of view, I have shortlisted quite a few gifts for him . And there are a number of gifts which we truly love...Are you listening ladies? Clothes: Every man loves a good crisp shirt. Loafers: Be it suede or leather, we all love a pair of kicks. Headphones: Whether it is unwinding at the end of a tiring day or casually listening songs, a pair of headphones or a music player comes a long way. Tool box: We men love macho things. And a tool box proves that we can fix