Baby soft skin

What comes to your mind when you think of babies? For me its the softness and coochy coo and the incredible smell that come along with the babies. I have been fond of babies right from the beginning. So when I became a father, my joy knew no bounds!

Along with the joys of having a baby come lots of woes too. Babies are tough to handle and even tougher to take care of. They are so delicate that they need the tenderest care and products to keep them healthy and happy.

After I became a father I realised that the toughest part in the baby care regime is taking care of their delicate skin. Okay I agree that feeding babies is the most challenging part.  The second challenge is how to keep their skin soft.

Baby skin is three times thinner than adult skin. Therefore it is more prone to damage. Baby skin is moist looking because it is new; it does not mean that they do not need external hydration. In fact they need more hydration to lock their innate moisture.

Five ways to keep the baby skin soft and safe:

Take care of the diaper area. This area is more prone to erosion. The constant friction of the diaper and the wetness of baby urine and the acridity of baby stool (even if for a couple of minutes)  robs the baby skin of its natural moisture. The topmost layer (epidermis) gets eroded and the poor baby is left with scary looking diaper rash. One way to prevent it is to powder the area liberally before and after putting the diaper. Secondly use a super soft diaper that feels like a feather on baby skin. Thirdly keep the baby diaper free during daytime. Change the diaper immediately after its gets soiled.

Regular oil massage: Much has been said and written about the benefits of oil massage. Oil penetrates the baby skin and makes it soft. Daily massage of the baby locks the moisture in the skin and makes skin healthy. Olive oil is super beneficial for baby skin.

Use body wash instead of soap: Soaps are harsh even if they are made exclusively for babies. Liquid washes are much gentler. Don't let your baby sit for long in the soapy water. Oil the baby before bathing. Apply baby lotion liberally all over the baby after bath. Instead of rubbing the skin vigorously with towel, pat dry gently. Apply the lotion on wet skin.

Use cotton apparel: Skin tends to harden when it is exposed to adverse conditions. Use the softest of fabrics for dressing up your baby. In winters skin tends to go dry. Don't bundle up your baby too much. Dress her up in layers so that the layers can be stripped if it gets warm. Choose fabrics that let the baby skin breath. During summers don't expose the baby directly to the sun. Use umbrella or canopy to protect your delicate baby from sunburn. After 6 months you can use sunscreen that are formulated especially for babies.

Use mild detergents: Use gentle mild detergents for washing anything. Baby clothes, sweaters, blankets, sheets or towels. These material will remain soft even after washing and prevent skin irritation.

I do everything to keep my baby safe and her skin soft....

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