Gifts for men

Who in this world does not like gifts? I am a person with very less demands but I love a good gift nonetheless. My wife often complains that it is very difficult to buy gifts for men.  I don't know why she says so. I mean we love so many things...don't we? From X box to golf clubs to fitness bands, we love them all! But unlike girls, our taste is a bit mature and practical when it comes to gifts. And I definitely agree that our choice is definitely on the higher side of economics.
Speaking from a man's point of view, I have shortlisted quite a few gifts for him. And there are a number of gifts which we truly love...Are you listening ladies?

Clothes: Every man loves a good crisp shirt.
Loafers: Be it suede or leather, we all love a pair of kicks.
Headphones: Whether it is unwinding at the end of a tiring day or casually listening songs, a pair of headphones or a music player comes a long way.
Tool box: We men love macho things. And a tool box proves that we can fix anything!
Last but not not the least, a bottle of scotch.
Speaking from a man's point of view, scotch as a gift is one of the best options.

I mean who does not love a good bottle? Everyone should own a decent bottle. We can share it with friends. It is timeless. It does not age! I mean it gets better with time. I mean who does not love a gift that does not have an expiry date? Its the perfectly sized gift. We men love things of value. Lastly everyone loves the good old tipple!

Party Responsibly

Disclaimer: THis post is meant for audience for above 25 years of age.


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