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Celebs who I love following on TikTok

The world almost stood still the past two months. While everyone stayed at homes and worked from within, my job didn't permit so. Yes I am a frontline worker (a medical professional) who had to go to the hospital during the entire lockdown time. I was double stressed: Catching the infection myself as well as silently passing on to my two little kids or my elderly parents. I have been seeing and hearing people cursing this quarantined life but they don't understand it's a privilege to be able to stay within the safe confines of home and work and earn. The only respite in this period has been TikTok. Yes, I am now a total TikTok convert.  If there's anything that got a boost during this Corona pandemic, it has to be TikTok. This app has seen billions of downloads and users in the past couple of months. And why not? It's like a breath of fresh air. After I come back from the hospital and undergo a rigorous sanitation regime to ward off any kind

Helping my wife during this Lockdown

When you treat your other half like a princess, it means you were raised by a queen. I totally believe in gender equality. If women can work and cook, then why can't we men help with household chores? It's lockdown time that means we don't have any househelp. Ariel India has come up with an excellent initiative of #ShareTheLoad. It's high time that we men start helping with the housework. From doing laundry to groceries, cooking to cleaning, there should not be any discrimination in gender. Because chores are chores, irrespective of everything.  I have been brought up in a household where me being the only son and the youngest had been pampered to the hilt. My parents never let me do a single chore. I hadn't even filled a glass of water before going to the hostel. I was lucky that even I was pampered in my hostel. And after I passed my MBBS, I had the privilege of hiring maids to do all the chores. Usually it's said that when a guy lives alone, indep