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Book Review: The code of Manava Maha Vishnu Trilogy Part 1 by Arpit Bakshi

Title: The code of Manava Maha Vishnu Trilogy Part 1 Author: Arpit Bakshi Pages: 285 Rupa Publications Price: ₹295 Genre: Science Fiction When you write a book, it usually resonates with your personality to a very large extent. Sometimes it is highly influenced by your profession/ upbringing or your innate nature in general. And sometimes your alter ego guides your pen. In either way, a book is an author's baby and it a reflection of what all is going on the author's mind.   I am a kind of reader who starts right from the first page of a book till the last. I read all the publication information, about the author, prologue etc etc. However, this book looked too fascinating and different from the cover, so I decided to devour the story right away. However after reading 3 or 4 pages, I was forced to read about the author. He just couldn't be from a literary background. There had to be a scientific educational background as the facts were too vivid and technical (

TRAI doing the right thing

I am a big television fan. Although I hardly get the time to indulge in this passion of mine. However my area of television is very restricted. It's mainly cricket (not even all the sports) and Bollywood and Tollywood. So I find it very annoying that I have to pay for the whole packages. T he TV Broadcasters have been overcharging us by giving us packages with channels we don't even watch. We now really need to #StopTheLoot  In the recent months, TRAI are facing an ongoing battle with the Broadcasters, especially with the people of Star group. Now, the Supreme Court dismissed the appeal of broadcasters and cemented Telecom Regulatory Authority of India’s (TRAI) tariff order for pricing and packaging of TV channels.As per the new tariff order, broadcasters were required to declare the MRP and nature of all the channels.  So basically, they would have to put it up on their websites and social media that they are following the order by TRAI and submit a list of paid channe