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Leaf and Loaf: Secret to healthy life

My mantra to a healthy life is simple... Include as many natural colours as possible in your diet. That's I why I love salads! And I found the perfect place for clean and healthy eating Leaf and Loaf !  Location: Situated in Signature Towers, A block, Noida sector 62, it's very easily accessible as it's on the main road as well as at a stone's throw distance from the Electronic City metro station. Ambiance: The ambiance is really cute. There are motivational quotes all over the place. Food is served in wooden plates which I loved.    Food: If you are looking for a place with healthy and clean food then this is it. Every ingredient is of superb quality and fresh. I had quite a few things but was not feeling guilty as everything was very healthy.  To start with I had Beetroot Detox drink. It contained beetroot, pomegranate and aloe vera with a pinch of salt. Believe me it was super delicious! And I was assured that it contained the much needed anti oxida

The Delhi Collage of Art

How many of you love fine arts? I bet most of you. Not necessarily painting something significant but just the activity of drawing and colouring. But how many of you have actually taken classes for it? I bet very few. The reasons maybe many. From hearing art is 'unimportant' from elders to being 'not good enough' to pursue arts as a profession. Or worse, you being told that one cannot sustain one's life with art. Sounds familiar? It did with Mr Ashwani too. Now who's this person? Mr Ashwani Kumar Prithviwasi deserves to be called a living legend because of his contribution in the field of fine arts. A person who is totally self made with no family background in Arts but who went on to become not only a successful artist but a great teacher and an entrepreneur with a chain of Art colleges under his belt. He believed that everyone should have the right to draw and paint and his institutes provide professional degrees to hobby classes, irrespective of age