Leaf and Loaf: Secret to healthy life

My mantra to a healthy life is simple... Include as many natural colours as possible in your diet. That's I why I love salads! And I found the perfect place for clean and healthy eating Leaf and Loaf

Location: Situated in Signature Towers, A block, Noida sector 62, it's very easily accessible as it's on the main road as well as at a stone's throw distance from the Electronic City metro station.
Ambiance: The ambiance is really cute. There are motivational quotes all over the place. Food is served in wooden plates which I loved. 

Food: If you are looking for a place with healthy and clean food then this is it. Every ingredient is of superb quality and fresh. I had quite a few things but was not feeling guilty as everything was very healthy. 

To start with I had Beetroot Detox drink. It contained beetroot, pomegranate and aloe vera with a pinch of salt. Believe me it was super delicious! And I was assured that it contained the much needed anti oxidants as it smelled so fresh. 

Then I had the Greek romano salad. The lettuce was absolutely fresh and crispy and so were the bell peppers and cherry tomatoes. The nachos were an interesting twist to it. Then I had the quinoa salad that was served with boiled eggs and mashed potatoes. The quinoa had broccoli in it and was superb. The mashed potatoes were buttery soft and I loved the boiled eggs too. Then I had an Indo continental pasta. It was penne pasta in Makhni sauce. It was absolutely delicious. The pasta was of course whole wheat so it was healthy carbohydrates.
 Last but not the least I had blueberry smoothie. It was a yogurt based smoothie and can be considered to be one of the best desserts I have had in a long time. 

I also tried the chia lemoginade and I can safely say that I can have it forever! As the name suggests, it was a ginger lemonade with chia seeds. We all know how good all these three things are. Especially the chia seeds. I also tried the peanut butter banana smoothie and it was Oh So Delicious! It was protein and taste packed. 
The best part about this place is that you are so accessible to healthy yet delicious food. This is because you can book subscriptions! Yeah you heard it right, you can take a month long subscription for salads and juices. You will get a new, healthy and delicious salad every single day at your door step. You can also subscribe for healthy juices/ smoothies. So basically good health is so easy to achieve.. thanks to the concept of Leaf and Loaf. 
I would totally recommend this place for  unbelievably delicious healthy food. PS the ambiance is great too. Lots of motivational quotes all over the walls.
What's your mantra to a healthy life?


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