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Chat Quikr!!

During my dating times, communication used to be pretty expensive. I mean during my medical college days i.e in the early half of 21st century. Cell phones had just entered the market and the service providers were exploiting us! Not only outgoing was expensive but incoming too made a hole in our pockets! So long chats on the phone meant draining of money of both the parties! Girls, who think of looting their other halves; are you listening? Thank God technology advanced exponentially and our woes were solved. Not only incoming became free but also the call rates were slashed. Gradually internet became accessible on cell phones and our lives became easier. Then with the IOS and Android boom, apps became the talk of the town. Every website started creating their apps which meant easier web navigation on our cell phones. And then started the crazy revolution! Our lives have become so easy that everything can be done on a phone! Remember the age old newspaper classified ads? Well they

Clear skin Clear head

I am sexy and I know it! Well life has not been that 'rosy' for me. I mean I have always been decent looking (I am not patting myself unnecessarily) but not without my share of beauty woes. I never wanted to look like Brad Pitt (as if I could...duh) but I could have been endowed with trouble free skin!!  My skin was oily since childhood. Even during winters, my mother never had to slather my face with cold cream. As I reached my teens and entered puberty, my skin began showing its true colours. As my voice broke, so did my skin too. I had a feud with pimples all through my teens and they made sure that they left souvenirs behind. Yes, I am talking about pimple scars. What exactly are pimples or acne? Its a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. More than often, bacteria are found residing in the pimples. I could define it as I am a doctor...not a dermatologist though ;) Now that I am finally pimple free; thanks to a to

Stupid Cupid

Its that time of the year again. The month of January is on its conclusion and February is waiting at our doorstep. Yes...its February i.e the month of love. The most awaited time of the year. For those who are unaware, I mean the elderly ones, Valentine's Day is here! This love month is not only about this single day but an entire fortnight of celebration. When I was single this 'festival' did not mean much. But this year I have been waiting for this day since I started seeing someone special. I met this wonderful girl at my hospital and it has been love at first sight ever since. But I have not proposed her officially yet. I have always been a coy person and this shyness has been a hindrance in the way of professing of my love for her. When I came to know about the  CLOSE UP CUPID GAMES , it instilled an immense desire in me to declare my love! I have been using  Close up toothpaste  since can't even remember when. I mean since my early teens. I had always loved th