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I am sexy and I know it! Well life has not been that 'rosy' for me. I mean I have always been decent looking (I am not patting myself unnecessarily) but not without my share of beauty woes. I never wanted to look like Brad Pitt (as if I could...duh) but I could have been endowed with trouble free skin!! 

My skin was oily since childhood. Even during winters, my mother never had to slather my face with cold cream. As I reached my teens and entered puberty, my skin began showing its true colours. As my voice broke, so did my skin too. I had a feud with pimples all through my teens and they made sure that they left souvenirs behind. Yes, I am talking about pimple scars.

What exactly are pimples or acne? Its a skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become plugged with oil and dead skin cells. More than often, bacteria are found residing in the pimples. I could define it as I am a doctor...not a dermatologist though ;)

Now that I am finally pimple free; thanks to a ton of herbal products, I feel an innate desire to share my pimple story. When Indiblogger came up with this contest of writing on the Garnier Pure Active Face Wash, my joy knew no bounds. I could scream at the top of my lungs my sob pimple story and recovering from it.

Here is an A to Z guide of my sob story:

A: Acne..the greatest threat to my skin
B:Bullying by my friends for my ugly skin
C: Chemicals and products applied on my face to get rid of the acne
D: Drugs swallowed from allopathy, Homeopathy and Ayurveda
E: Expectations rising each time after a product or medicine
F: Failing miserably to get rid of those ugly things
G: Garnier Pure Active neem face wash
H: Hoping that someday my skin would recover
I: Imagining my facial skin to be as healthy as Arjun Rampal
J: Joking about how I may actually resemble Brad Pitt
K:Kill with jealousy someone blessed with healthy skin
M: Mangoes had to be avoided to prevent further breakout
N: Neem leaves..the wonder herb which helped me fight back
O: Oats used as face scrub
P: pox marks ( chicken pox) added more to the woes
Q: Queer I always used to look
R: Rose water was used for washing face
S: Sexy I would have looked with acne free skin
T: Torture throughout my teens
U: Uber depressed over my bad skin
V: Valium to calm me down from my teen skin stress
W: Water in gallons for healthy skin
X: Xerox copy of Hrithik Roshan...a dream...
Y: Yams in plenty to boost immunity
Z: Zit..A blow to my adolescent confidence

I had those ugly red coloured pimples which made me bury my face in public. Now that I am a doctor, I know that they were Acne Rosacea. Science has the tendency to complicate everything simple, eh?

Well my mom used to make me follow myriads of rituals to get me rid of those ugly eruptions. Washing face with rose water, applying neem leaves paste and then washing away with water boiled with neem leaves. As I studied science, I realised that the antiseptic properties of neem used to kill the microbes and hence retard the growth of pimples. Also neem leaves prevent excess oil formation. Rose water acts as an astringent and products like tea tree oil removes impurities and sebum accumulation. Increased water intake to flush out the toxins. 

When mom used to make me follow these, I never knew that all these had such a solid reason behind each ingredient. When I saw Garnier Pure Active Neem face wash, I was surprised and satisfied. It's ingredients are pretty much the same I used to use. Neem and tea tree oil. And the best part is that its a tube packed with goodness. You don't have to paste any leave or boil anything.

Since scars are the remnants of pimples, we have to stop the pimples from appearing to get rid of the scars. Prevention is always better than cure...ain't it?

I believe that Garnier has made a wonderful product and it will fight the acne trouble all around the world.

The answer to pimple problem.


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